Today was yet another day at the fair for Macho Man. This time Jason took him down to the fair.

Unfortunately, it seems that almost no one else went to the fair today. It was certainly the slowest day yet at the fair. That walkway is typically full of people bustling here and there.

This cute little girl was perhaps Macho Man’s biggest fan today. She just couldn’t get enough of him!

Macho Man kept looking around wondering where everyone was. Jason didn’t know either. In the end only 52 buttons were sold. It covered the days expenses, informational brochures were given out and friends were made, so it was certainly a good day.

Tawnee’s wrist was no better this morning, so she reluctantly decided to go to the Doctor. She went to a walk in clinic and sat there for 3 hours. Then the Doctor saw her, he said “Well, you need an X-Ray, I’ll look at the results and call you in 3 or 4 days.” A nurse came in, put wrap on her arm, handed her a piece of paper so she could drive to another place and get an x-ray. She got the x-ray done, now it’s a matter of sitting, waiting, and tolerating the pain. She can’t ride any horses in the meantime unfortunately. After she got home from that she sat and replied to phone messages, all 40 of them, and she is very happy to report that all the phone messages are replied to.

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