Today is the first day of September, only a couple months from when our gelding clinic is scheduled to start. We are hoping to raise $5,000 by November 1st for our low cost gelding program. As you know, this program is extremely important for the welfare of horses for years to come. During our last gelding program 20 stallions were gelded, many of which may very well still be stallions, which could be bred, causing unwanted horses for years. Please help us cut the problem of horse overpopulation at the source! Click here to donate.

With the low button sales yesterday, and Tawnee’s hurt arm, we decided to give Macho Man a day off from Fair work. Jason had a lot of office work that had to be done and Tawnee needed to take it easy.

We got a call from Wal-Mart that they had another load of feed for us. We cannot thank them enough for giving us so much free feed over the years.

We got a call this morning. Animal Control had given some people our phone number, they called us because they were very concerned about a 30 year old gelding that was not being cared for and he was languishing away. The person knew the owner and was certain she could get the owner to sign the horse over to us to give it the help it needs. Arrangements were made, and despite her aching arm, Tawnee headed out to pick up the horse. So much for taking it easy.

When Tawnee arrived the horse was waiting for her.

He is definitely a poor horse, no doubt he has a lot of teethe issues along with a host of other medical problems.
The friend of the horse knew that humane euthanasia is the best option that can be provided for this horse. She didn’t want him to lay down and not be able to get up one day and slowly die a painful death. He loaded right into the trail and they were off back to the rescue.

Soon they were back at the rescue where he unloaded without incident and is enjoying his nice companion in a large paddock. He is happy to have a buddy.

Remember our volunteer sunflower plant? Now it’s actually a flower! It looks like Mr T munched a couple petals, but it sure is beautiful.

Larry and April came over to get the rescue rig for a late night rescue pickup. You can read the details in tomorrows blog.

Thank you all for your support, it is greatly appreciated. We can’t tell you how much it means to all the horses at the rescue.

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