Remember Larry and April heading off last night? They had planned to meet a transporter to pick up a horse that was being surrendered close to Oroville. Unfortunately the driver never took Hwy 70 towards Oroville but just stayed on I5. He finally called them from Corning, outside of Chico, and informed them he wasn’t moving until they got there. By 11:30 pm they finally met the transporter.

It was a pretty fancy rig, there were about 15 horses on board.

Finally Mini, the mare that was surrendered, was unloaded and then safely loaded into the rescue rig. It was 1:30 am this morning when they all got back to the rescue.

This morning Jason and Macho Man loaded up into the van for another fundraising day at the fair.

Macho Man finally noticed that the rabbits were actually alive and hopping in their bunny hut. He’s been beside the bunny hut for days now, it borders our booth, but they were finally active enough that he noticed signs of life in there. Typically they just sleep.

Some stylish shoes came to the fair today. Macho Man really loves meeting people that have similar tastes in footwear.

Macho got to see the police horses again. One of them was wearing Old Mac boots, very similar in function to Macho Man’s shoes, just not nearly as stylish.

Mini, the horse that came in last night, has settled right in. She enjoyed her visit to the round pen. She had a long trip up from LA, and was settled into a stall last night, but she really enjoyed stretching her legs this afternoon. She is really glad to be out of the trailer and on solid ground once again!

It was a really beautiful sunset at the rescue this evening.

Thank you all so much for your emotional support! In all, despite being a really slow day, and thanks to an anonymous person donating 20 buttons worth of money, 87 buttons were sold today. Thanks to Donna for donating to the Gelding program today!

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