Macho Man had yet another bath in preparation for the day at the fair. This time Larry and April took him to the fair. He really despises baths, he says he works so hard to get a nice dust covering to protect himself against flies, and then people just up and wash it all off…

Mr T, the goat that donates blood to save other goats lives, is still perturbed that he hasn’t made it to the fair yet. This morning he was all ruffled up about it.

It was a short, empty day at the fair, only 67 buttons were sold.

Macho Man got to meet a seeing eye dog in training at the fair today. Many people inquire if Macho is a service animal or not, he is not currently trained for that, but he certainly could be. Miniature horses are becoming more popular as guide animals. They certainly won’t get excited if a cat runs by or bark and wake up your neighbours!

We have updated pictures from the Gridley pasture were the pregnant mommy’s were waiting to have their baby’s. Every mare that was pregnant now has a baby hiding behind…

…or beside her.

August is still the only Paint baby though. They are all very very cute and adorable!

We had a horse come back into the rescue today. Despite super excellent care, great ground handling, and being ridden regularly by very experienced horse people, he has become extremely aggressive towards people and after being kicked and kicked at repeatedly, they were not willing to risk their lives to keep him in their home. We definitely agree with their decision.

Have a great weekend! Thank you so much for your support, both financial and emotional.

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