This morning Larry and April came over to begin preparing the rescue for a big Sunday. There were visitors planned for the day, and since Jason and Tawnee were planning on being at the fair all day, they were going to be showing the horses to potential adopters once again.

Macho Man and Dottie got their baths, loaded up into the van and soon everyone was at the fair. Tawnee’s arm is still in a brace, but she was able to lead Macho Man to the booth.

Soon the day was in full swing. It was definitely a jam packed day, there were literally thousands and thousands of people visiting the fair today. Almost everyone seemed to be in a big hurry to see everything they could at the fair. It made it tough for selling buttons, but they certainly did sell!

A balloon artist dropped by the booth and made a free balloon pet to help attract visitors. Quite the cute little pink poodle!

Macho Man was a very good, patient boy all day long. This fair has been a huge learning curve for Dottie. Usually she hangs out in a pen doing her own thing, but she really does need to learn about behaving herself in public settings.

When evening came and Ranchland, where our booth is, closed, Jason and Tawnee headed out to explore for a bit. Tawnee had seen an old tyme fashion photography booth and she just had to drag Jason in there. The picture turned out so well that she insisted that it must be shared with you.

As tomorrow is the last day of the fair, Jason and Tawnee packed up everything that is not needed for tomorrow. They want to be able to tear down the booth in 1 trip tomorrow evening.

As they were tearing down the booth, some beautiful fireworks erupted over the night sky.

All in all 228 buttons were sold today. Tawnee did a masterful job selling balloons, the kids just really seemed to want them today.
The pictures from the rescue today unfortunately were not available when the blog was written. They’ll be here for tomorrows blog. so make sure you read the blog tomorrow.

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