We got a great update on Sienna today. When we rescued Sienna from the auction they said she may have been exposed to a stallion. Being as young as Sienna was we all hoped she did not take. Her adopters called us awhile ago and told us she was definitely pregnant. Today we received this email: “Here is a picture of Sienna and her Filly that was born on the evening of 9/4/09. She is adorable and Sienna is a very good mom. I was shocked to find out she was pregnant but she is doing great as a mom even at her young age. I came to the rescue for one horse and ended up with 3 fillies. I’m very happy with all three of my girls. Thank you NorCal Staff!!”

Sunday’s events were a normal Sunday. Our manure pile keeps growing and growing. We have a free “You call, you haul” ad in the newspaper, hopefully very soon it starts shrinking.

Horses were shown to potential adopters, they were hoping to find the perfect match.

Mo did find the perfect match and was adopted by some very loving folks. Transportation arrangements have been made and Mo should be going to his new home very soon.
Sunday was a long day at the rescue, but it was a good day. It was definitely busy at the rescue. The horses always enjoy when the round pen is empty and they can roll in the sand.

Today was the last day of the fair! Macho Man loaded up in the van, he didn’t quite understand it was the last day but he was a good boy and loaded right up.

Upon arriving at the fair he hopped out ready to go to work.

The labor day holiday definitely brought out crowds. Tawnee and Jason took turns talking to people, they are both glad that it was the last day they won’t have to sit on the hard little chair breathing the ever present dust.

Macho Man couldn’t believe his eyes, he very well may have thought he was having double vision. But no, instead they were cute little twins dressed in identical dresses!

Macho Man got a good laugh out of his confusion once it all cleared up for him.

A goat from the neighbouring petting zoo came over to say “Hi.” Macho Man was quick to make his introduction before getting back to dreaming about Dottie.

There was a lot of dust floating through the air today, it was quite gagging at times.

If any of you have ever wondered what “orbs” are in pictures, it’s simply dust particles reflecting the flash from a camera.

After Ranch Land closed the booth was torn down. It was quite empty looking, but once again, we are all glad that the fair is over!

At the end of the day Tawnee took a minute to watch the most amazing horse show she has ever seen in her life. These three horses were willing laying on the ground until their trainer told them to get up, at which point they all jumped up and galloped back to where he was standing. Just amazing. They did a lot of other amazing things and seemed to really love their trainer.

185 buttons were sold today, making the total right about 2088 buttons sold at the fair! This almost doubled the number of buttons sold. What a long fair it has been, but the numbers add up that it was definitely financially successful.

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