By now you have no doubt heard about the government’s roundup of Cloud’s herd. The Cloud Foundation has a blog up where you can see what is going on every day. From everything we can gather this is a terrible tragedy that should be stopped. Click here to visit the Cloud Foundation blog.

The water tank was needing some more water put in it, so Jason got the old water truck fired up and got another 1,000 gallons of water put in the tank. It is such a wonderful blessing having a water truck. The horses love it too!

Belle now understands what Macho Man meant when he said “seeing double.” They really do look the same, but it is April showing horses to a potential adopter. She really loved Belle and put her into adoption pending.
Mo’s ride came today to pick him up.

He was a good boy and got into the trailer without any trouble.

Unfortunately they only had 2 wheel drive, so they got to be drug up the hill. That hill really needs some help… It’s a fresh reminder of one of the many reasons NorCal would benefit from having a new facility on a paved road.

It was nice to have a “normal” day at the rescue. A lot of great things got done today.

Macho Man is having his picture penciled by a local artist. This is the first draft picture. Isn’t he just adorable?

Thank you so much Gail G for your generous donation! It really means a lot. Now that the fair is over we will have time to post the names of the days donors, so you can see your name here tomorrow, just click here.

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