9-9-09 – Little Horse, Big Smiles

Exciting Announcement!
We have all been working very hard and are extremely pleased to announce that the Little Horse, Big Smiles website has now been launched. You may now sponsor buttons to be given to kids, purchase buttons that are shipped to you, and donate to help spread smiles.
Click here to visit the website.

What’s this all about? Macho Man is so good at making people smile, that he wants to visit kids that don’t have a lot of smiles in their lives, bringing smiles to their faces and educating them about horses. So many kids think that horses are big and scary, Macho Man is proof that they are not scary at all! In particular, Macho Man is hoping to visit Children’s Hospitals, schools, day camps, and other groups of children. As a lasting memento of meeting Macho Man, the children will be given either a horse balloon or a pinback button with Macho Man on it. This is where we need your help! Visit the website to learn more. Click here.

Today was spent wrapping up this website, responding to both incoming phone calls and phone messages, replying to emails, and a host of other office activity that was not done while the fair was going on. We are very excited to have the Little Horse, Big Smiles fundraiser / campaign officially underway. All of you folks that have called and emailed saying you want to order buttons, they are now available. Click here.

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