We got a great update on Coco and Montana today. They look like they are sure doing great with their mommy! “I just wanted to give you guys an update on Montana and Coco. They both had their first away from home outing last Friday. It was a Pat Parelli meet up and play day. They were both awesome and did so well.

“Both are so smart and kind. Thanks for saving them and letting them be part of our family.” Thank you Diane for giving them such a loving home.

Tawnee did something today she has not done in awhile: she took a horse out on a trail ride! She almost never has time for a trail ride, but today she managed to head out with April. Tawnee rode Lyla (she is available for adoption) and April rode Mini, who is in adoption pending.

When they got back from the trail ride, the horses got a bath and then it was time for a good roll in the round pen.

Mini was enjoying her rolling immensely, and she decided it was time to roll all the way over. She is pretty flat on her back, and when she went all the way up, she was stuck on her back for a second. It was pretty funny, Tawnee had never seen a horse get stuck on its back before.

Both the horses seemed to really enjoy themselves. Tawnee and April enjoyed the ride too.

We received an anonymous tip about some horses that are supposedly abandoned on some foreclosed property. Jason and Tawnee headed out to see what they could find. They are apparently getting food from somewhere, as they are all pretty much up to weight. We will certainly be keeping an eye on them.

After the horses were seen, it was off to the Post Office to mail the very first orders of buttons. When Tawnee walked in it was 4:00 pm, and the post master said “You’re very lucky, I’m closing at 4:00, but I’ll let you in.”

So, Dottie and Macho Man’s buttons are on their way! You can certainly order your own buttons, click here and look at the bottom of the page. Shipping and handling is only $5 whether you buy 10 buttons or 1000!

Thank you everyone for your support, especially those that donated: Betsy B, William E, and Anonymous all donated today! Thank you so much.

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