We would like to take a minute to remember those that died so horrifically during one of the saddest days in recent history in America. 9-11-01 touched everyone’s lives, in large and small ways. We would like to thank the heroes who were willing to sacrifice their lives to save others. We experience the joys, sorrows, elation and depression of rescuing horses, we can only imagine the increased emotions of rescuing people.

The International Blessed Broodmare Project has a wonderful fundraiser for NorCal Equine Rescue. They are auctioning an incredibly adorable 1/9th scale black “Feedlot Filly” statue hand painted sculpture. 100% of the auction goes directly to saving horses from auctions/feedlots. Please click here to visit the auction. The IBBP has been an ongoing supporter of our rescue efforts for years, we would like to thank them for their continued support!

Speaking of the auction, it is this Sunday! Our goal this month is to raise $1,500 for the rescue and care of the horses at the auction. We have so far raised $90, but we know that together we can pull this rescue off. We apologize for starting the fundraising so soon to the end, but with the State Fair and the Little Horse, Big Smiles fundraisers we did not have an opportunity to get it kicked off sooner. Click here to donate to saving horses at the auction.

For our new blog readers, we typically share an rescue story on Friday, or if there are other important things that happen we share that. Saturdays are our one day off so there is no blog on Saturdays, the next blog posting will be Sunday evening although we will update the fundraising thermometer on Saturday night.

Thank you so much for your support! We would like to thank Erin A for donating today.

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