Last night was the first real rain storm of the fall season. It is so nice to have the dust under control, at least for awhile.

This morning Tawnee headed out to the vet for a quick visit of the horses there. She is pleased to report that Phoenix is doing great, and as usual he has a very bright and cheerful spirit.

Tuck is doing well too. He is doing as well as can be expected, with injuries like his it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what his final outcome will be. If you don’t know who Tuck is, he came to us at the last euthanasia clinic with an injury right above his hoof.

After Tawnee got back to the rescue Jason and Tawnee headed out to pick up two horses in the Sacramento area.

The first stop was at Tractor Supply, our donation can was full and the contents needed to be picked up. Thank you so much Tractor Supply for having the can for us!

There was about $50 in the can, we haven’t counted the small change yet.

The first horse that was scheduled to be picked up is Mariah. She is a Arab cross mare who is trained to ride. She seems to be a super sweet girl and has a lot of life.

She loaded right up into the trailer and soon they were off.

We got a call from the 2nd pickup that she found a home for the horse and she did not need to come to the rescue. This was very welcome as the rescue is getting quite full of horses.
They headed off to their final destination of the day. Gary, the vice-Mayor, soon to be Mayor, of Loomis, is extremely interested in helping horses in need. He invited Jason and Tawnee down today for the inaugural meeting to see what support and ideas the community had. We let Mariah out of the trailer at the vice-Mayor’s house so she could stretch her legs during the meeting.

Jason and Tawnee then rode with Gary over to the meeting place. The meeting was soon in full swing with lots of thoughts and ideas bounced about. Gary really wants to put Loomis on the map as a town that cares about the horses and other animals in the city! It was really great to visit a town that is so interested in helping animals.

After the meeting Mariah loaded back up into the trailer and they began the long trip back to the rescue.

Thank you so much Donna A for donating to the rescue today! Your regular, generous support is greatly appreciated.

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