This months euthanasia clinic fundraiser is being officially kicked off today. This month has been very crazy, one event after another coming up in rapid succession. The auction rescue was extremely successful for it’s last minute fundraising efforts thanks to your extremely generous support, let’s all pull together to get this fundraiser completed too! We currently have $21o raised towards the goal of $2,500. Click here to donate to the euthanasia clinic. The euthanasia clinic is on September 22nd.

Today Jason and Tawnee visited some property which would be an amazing permanent location for NorCal Equine Rescue. It has all the qualifications we are looking for: lots of level ground, on a paved road, lots of water, cell phone / high speed internet access. Anyone who has visited the rescue knows, being on a paved road would be a tremendous benefit. And there are no steep hills up or down to the property!

It has large pasture areas with the potential to irrigate the entire property. Can you imagine this shot with green grass and rescued horses grazing on it?

It has a year round creek along with irrigation water on the property.

A huge pole barn ready for 20 stalls + hay storage stands ready. We are in negotiations with the owner to try and settle on a price, keep your fingers crossed! It would definitly be amazing!
There were a lot of chores that needed to be done at the rescue this afternoon. April and Larry visited for a bit to help Jason and Tawnee out.

It always makes us happy to see Home at Last’s truck and trailer pulling in the the driveway. Today they were here to pick up Naughty 9.

They of course wanted to visit all the horses. It’s a tradition that they cannot leave with only one horse.

After visiting the horses, Tiger Lily, who came in on Friday, was also selected to go live at Home at Last forever. Tiger Lily’s owner was no longer able to care for her and his only other option was to shoot her. Tiger Lily’s old owner is a cattle rancher and has a lot of experience butchering cows by shooting them. An aquaintance asked him to shoot their 30+ year old horse. He agreed and went out there to put the horse down. He shot the horse twice in the head, but the horse refused to go down or die. It just stood there in agony. He had to drive back to his house, get a bigger gun, and shoot the horse again for it to finally be released from his misery and be at rest. Stories like this, which are all too common, are why we believe the only humane way to put a horse to rest is humane euthanasia. If you have an old horse that needs to be put to sleep, please call your vet, there are far too many horror stories about horses being shot. Tiger Lily’s old owner was certainly grateful that we were willing to take her so he didn’t have to try and shoot her. He said shooting the horse was the worst thing he ever tried to do and he never wants to try again.

Tiger Lily and Naughty 9 were put in the round pen for a few minutes so they could get used to each other before the trailer ride. They had seen each other over the fence, but they had never been in a pen together.

Jim and Donna’s granddaughter volunteered to be in the adoption photo with Tiger Lily and Naughty 9. She is so excited that 2 more horses are being retired at her grandparents sanctuary.

They were led to the waiting trailer to start their new adventure.

Inside the trailer they were happy to visit each other, no doubt wondering where they were off to.

We are always so thankful when Home at Last can give sanctuary to rescued horses that would not be otherwise adoptable. Both Naughty 9 and Tiger Lily had medical problems.

Mini also went home today with April and Larry. April is so excited to be taking her home. Thanks for adopting Mini!

The artist did a new sketch of Macho Man to see how we liked it. It’s getting really close to looking just like Macho Man wearing his tennis shoes! The artist is also a writer and we are discussing the possibility of writing a children’s book of Macho Man’s story and his amazing mission in life.

We would like to thank the following financial hero’s who donated today for the various programs we have and to help rescue and care for the rescued horses: Annika O. – Margie K. – Michelle G. – Elizabeth C. – Elizabeth K. – Gail G.

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