Something special, something long awaited for happened this Sunday when this little filly stepped out of the trailer. Something Tawnee never believed would happen when she rescued that first horse from the auction in 2003. This filly named Lilly is our 1,000th equine saved!!! We knew we were getting closed, but today we realized that it came and went just like so many other auction rescues, but it did hold #1,000. 1,000 horses saved deserves a celebration! We need your ideas for a NorCal Equine Rescue staff, friend and supporters celebration, please contact us with any ideas you may have for celebrating 1,000 saved. We could have never rescued 1,000 on our own, so everyone that has ever donated even $1 has helped us reach the monumental landmark. You are the horses heroes. A huge thank you to each of you, let’s start planning the celebration while working towards the next 1,000 horses rescued.

In addition to everything else today that is not seen on the blog, but was done (over 40 phone calls, almost 40 emails, website work, cleaning stalls, etc) Jason dressed up Macho Man and did a photo shoot with him.

A horse trailer pulled into the rescue from one of our advertisers: Haul Your Horse. Some adopters were coming out today and they needed to rent a trailer. We told them to visit Haul Your Horse, they did, and they pulled in with a beautiful well furnished horse trailer. It only cost $40 for the rental. If you need to rent a horse trailer, click here to visit their website and they will take care of you.

The trailer was for Checkers. She was going home with her new family. They are so excited, they just couldn’t wait until Sunday to get her. When they found out they were approved yesterday, they quickly made arrangements to take her home today.

Checkers loaded right up into the trailer.

Off they went on a new adventure.

Remember the photo shoot with Macho Man? Jason edited up a new design for the buttons and sent it off to the producer. They dropped everything to rush our new design to the top of the list. They emailed down a picture of the new buttons. We think they are a great improvement! After selling a lot of the buttons, we think we know what people want on the button: Macho Man with his shoes! His face is cute, but they want the whole package. These adorable buttons are only $2, please click here to purchase some!

Many thanks to Jennifer G., Rebecca O., Lori R., Janet W., Anna P., for your generous donations today! We greatly appreciate your support.

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