The euthanasia clinic is in 2 days and it really needs your support! It is currently at $360 out of a goal of $2,500. Please donate what you can! Click here. This program is very important, it keeps a lot of older horses out of the auctions. At the last auction, there were not very many older horses compared to the usual. With a no doubt hard winter coming up, we have a lot of people signed up for the clinic, but we do not have the funds to cover it. The horses that are brought to the clinic deserve a loving and gentle end, with your help we can do that.

Linda came out to evaluate and ride horses. She also helped show horses to potential adopters. In the short time she has been here she has become an amazing asset to the team.

As usual, folks started showing up to view the horses that are available for adoption. These folks have been to the rescue numerous times while the fair was going on looking for the perfect match.

After a discussion about what they were looking for exactly, Tawnee and Linda both said “Tuck is the one!”

The potential adopter rode him all around and soon was madly in love. We were all so happy because he was a horse that came to the euthanasia clinic. He was too young and full of life, so we took on another vet bill to fix his problems, hoping we would be able to find him a home. His home was found today and he was adopted! Transportation arrangements are in the works. As he likes to do, when Linda took off the bit and bridle, he holds the bit in his teethe like “No! Let’s keep riding!” After about a minute he’ll finally let it go. Goofy boy.

Thank you so much Christina for adopting this special boy.

In the round pen Dancer was hanging out with her hopefully soon new mom. They spent a lot of time together, and you could actually see Dancer’s eyes soften as she learned that this girl is a nice human and won’t hurt her. As soon as her adoption application is done Dancer should be going home!

Trigger has been doing so well. He has gotten so big since he first came off the trailer wild and untouchable. Now he’s leading all over, he even got to go for a long walk today with his new daddy.

They are long time friends and supporters of NorCal and as they are approved to adopt, today was the day to bring three special horses to their home: Belle, Sundance and Trigger.

Belle and Sundance were already in the trailer when it was Trigger’s turn. In his second attempt he hopped right into the trailer.

It was cute watching them peer out the windows. We said “Goodbye” to them, we are so glad that they have such a good home. Sundance definitely found a place in Tawnee’s heart, she tries not to get to attached to the horses, but it’s impossible.

It was a hot day, but Jason was constantly on the move.

There is quite likely a huge rescue coming up and the arena pen needs to be ready for an influx of horses. This is quite an exciting day. It has taken about 6 years to get here, but today officially the last electric fence was taken down and all the horses are all fenced in with panels. No field fencing. No electric rope. Definitely no barbed wire. No flexible fencing of any kind, every horse is safely behind panels as of today! This may very well be the only celebration we have to celebrate 1,000 horses rescued, although we really did enjoy the idea of a carrot cake party with the horses.

It was definitely a wonderful sight watching the sun set behind the hills over the paneled fencing. It’s a nice feeling knowing that horses will not be getting out short of figuring out how to open the gate. Electric rope is definitely a great fencing material, in the 1,000+ horses we have rescued, typically averaging 20-50 at the rescue at a time, we have never had an injury from the electric rope, and if it’s maintained horses almost never get out. We no doubt will use it again in the future, but for now it’s great having everyone in panels.

Many thanks to the following supporters for purchasing buttons since the last update: Dianne K., Janice W., Suzanne M., Laurie D.
We would like to thank Tamara Y., and Barbara B for donating. It makes it possible for the rescue to operate!

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