Wow, thank you all so much! The fundraising isn’t quite finished, but thanks to the generosity of a lot of people today, there is only $395 left to raise for the euthanasia clinic. Please donate what you can, we know the goal is attainable, at this point every dollar helps a lot! This blog is read by enough people that if everyone donated just a dollar, we would be way above the goal and have funds left over for next month.

We realized we made a mistake in yesterdays blog. In our excitement (and exhaustion maybe?) of all the panels, we forgot that the mini’s have a large pen (1/4 acre or so) fenced with field fencing. At night they are stalled in a lion proof stall, so when the blog was written there were no equine behind flexible fencing, but during the day Macho Man and Dottie still peer out through the field fencing. Dottie rubs her mane off on regular panels. She believes the grass is always green and yummy on the other side of the panel. For her wellbeing she cannot be in regular panels. Macho Man sometimes stands looking out of the fencing dreaming of the ice cream cones and the wonderful fair life he experienced for awhile. We’ll have to get another event going for him soon.

A horse came in for the clinic. The owners were unavailable for the day of the clinic so they brought their sweet girl in early.

The mare is suffering from a lot of pain in her legs, joints and possibly hooves. We will have the vet check her out, hopefully there is something that can be done, but her owner has a gut feeling that it is not possible to make her comfortable.

Tawnee showed horses to potential adopters today as well. We know fall is right around the corner, but the thermometer was right about 100 today. Alex, the beautiful boy who came in yesterday, was able to get out into the larger pen and explore. He sure enjoyed roaming around. He is 17 years old and was used for jumping most of his life. He’s jumped 4′ jumps before, and is definitly a gorgeous Warmblood who is now looking for an easier life. Maybe with you?

Jason did a lot of office work today. The new buttons are here and are ready to be shipped out very soon! Jason also worked on the Little Horse, Big Smiles web page. We changed the thermometer as the thermometer that was there was very hard to keep updated.
Once everything that had to be done was done, Jason and Tawnee headed to check on some horses that are quickly slipping into an abusive situation.

We have been following these horses for some time now. They get food irregularly and tonight their pens were in worse condition than ever, and the hay was completely gone. We are really hoping that their owner will get food out there by morning. We had a volunteer check on them this morning and they had absolutely no food then either. After a few days of documented no food, Animal Control should seize them. Thankfully the horses are in large pens where they can search for food, but it is pretty much dry lot pasture. We wish we could bring them to the rescue right now, but unfortunately we do not have the legal power to seize horses. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
We cannot thank the following people and business’ that donated enough! Barbara B. – Elizabeth C. – Pamela N. – Rosie’s Remedies – Omar S. – Sandra L. – Margaret S. – Susan W. – Ann U. – Patricia M. – Elizabeth K. – Richard L. – Peggy L. – Your generosity is overwhelming. Click here to donate, the euthanasia clinic only needs $395!

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