Today was the euthanasia clinic, and as Tawnee would be at the vet all day waiting for people to show up, she took out horses that needed examinations. First was Chief. He was a really good boy and loaded right up.

Next it was Dancer’s turn to load into the trailer.

Arrangements had been made to meet Kassandra’s new mommy at the vet so she could be taken home. Kassandra is so happy to finally be heading off to her forever home.

During the course of the day people started bringing in horses. This poor old guy was so tired, old and bedraggled. You can easily tell he is suffering a lot due to arthritis. His owners had done the best they could for him, but he was just too old, and with winter coming on, it was time to say “Goodbye.” The euthanasia clinic is a huge blessing for financially strapped horse owners and horses like these. When faced with a $500 vet bill to have a horse euthanized, it is very tempting to leave a horse suffering in the back pasture or take it to auction. We would like to thank you, our donors, once against for allowing these sweet horses to pass on gently, with compassion and dignity.

This poor stallion is 26 years old and has been used for breeding mares all summer long. What are people thinking when they think “Let’s just get one more baby out of him!”? What will happen to that one more baby?

It was very busy at the euthanasia clinic, it was definitely the busiest clinic we have had in a long time. It kept Tawnee, April and Larry hopping all day long. Finally as late afernoon came, thing started calming down. Dr Weaver started doing horse evaluations and pre-adoption exams.

Chief was given his pre-adoption exam. He was a really good boy during his exam and the vet was really impressed with him. He is definitly a big beautiful boy.

Alex, who came in on Sunday, was at the vet to get his examination. We thought he may have some lameness so we had the vet check him out. Dr Weaver recognized his brand and told us he is a Westfalen Warmblood. He seemed to think the examination was just a lot of fun.

After his short workout he was given a nice cool bath.

He did have his front legs xrayed. Everything seems to be fine. He is ready for a loving, forever home! He’s a huge beautiful boy.

Dancer checked out A-Ok on her preadoption exam too. She is a very beautiful girl.

We got a side shot of her and you would be hard put to recognize her from when she came into the rescue last October.

She was horribly emaciated, along with many of her other horse companions who were rescued as well. She is one of the Lucky 7 group. It is always wonderful seeing the horses fatten up and become beautiful once again.

Speaking of fattening up, any guesses who this plump guy is?

That’s right, Phoenix! It’s hard to think that just a few months ago he was this horrifyingly emaciated and at the point of death. We are so thankful that the vet has been able to pull him through. His sponsor wants him to stay one more month at the vet office before coming back to the rescue. Just look again, Phoenix just a few months ago, seen below, and today, seen above.

Many thanks to all of our wonderful donors! Tina S., Gail G., Lari K., Iris L., Elizabeth N., Nancy B., Handi-Riders., Laura F. and Cathleen D. all donated just today! Your generous support of horse rescue is truly amazing. The euthanasia fund is basically finished, thank you so much again!

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