Today we got a great update on Silver.

“I am the one that adopted Silver who is now call Pie after The Pie in ‘national velvet’. I would like to let you know he is doing great and is such an amazing character of a horse to have. I am also sending you some pictures of him. There not the greatest pictures I still have to send you some picture of him done up for a show. ”

It is always so great getting updates on horses that have found their loving homes. If you have adopted a horse from us, please send us pictures and a short writeup, and we may select yours to be featured on the blog!

You may have noticed a new button on the equines detail page on Petfinder. It says “Sponsor Me” and that is what it does. You can donate money to NorCal Equine Rescue to care for the rescued horses. What a great way to show your love of the horses! Most people will probably find Paypal easier, but it is an option that Petfinder implemented.

Tawnee spent the entire day at the vet. It’s always so hard saying “Goodbye” to the poor old horses. There are some special ones that she will always remember in her heart.
There was the old grey gelding with melanoma’s throughout his body. He had so much melanoma in his mouth that he was unable to close his lips. The old beautiful black therapy horse who must have been amazing in his day. After his show days, he gave his life making children happy and bringing smiles to their faces. The old stallion who could barely walk. He is a very lucky boy that someone took pity on him, they purchased him from his previous owners and brought him to the clinic to end his suffering. The old 30+ year old paint mare who had no teethe left. It was a hard “Goodbye” for her and her owner. Her owner had done an absolutely amazing job with her despite her not having any teethe. She was just a little ribby, and was starting to lose weight on her top line, so her owner knew it was time to say goodbye. She did such a good job keeping her weight up however. The thin Palamino gelding, when his owners purchased him, they were told he was 10. Someone else looked at his teethe and said “No, he’s about 17.” In reality, he is actually about 30. The tall Thoroughbred with a broken shoulder. It had healed incorrectly and he was still in a lot of pain. All these horses, and many more, were given a peaceful, humane and compassionate ending to their long and magnificent lives. Yes it is very hard, it is one of the hardest things we do in the rescue, but giving a horse the last gift of love and dignity is so important.
While Tawnee was at the vet, Linda was out riding and evaluating horses. She is doing a great job of getting all the horses evaluated.

Many thank to Marty L. and Carol D. for donating today! Your generous support is greatly appreciated.

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