Brazy’s Rescue Story.

Brazy was only a few days old when she was orphaned at a feedlot in Nevada. She had been transported with about 40 other horses to the feedlot, and when they opened the doors to let them all out she was trampled almost to death by the adult horses rushing out. She had a strong will to live and managed to survive the thundering hooves.
On August 28th, 2007 thanks to generous support we had the funds to rescue her along with some others from the feedlot. She came to us hurt, abused and in great need of tender loving care. This is her at the feedlot.

Her face had been trampled, and she was just not feeling so great.

You can see the fresh scrape marks where the unconcerned feedlot workers allowed her to be almost killed by the mad rush to escape the truck of death, unbeknown that they were being unloaded from one truck of death to be loaded on a non-stop truck to the slaughter house if no one rescued them.

Brazy was fostered by Ron and Claire of Critter Pass Ranch. They gave her around the clock care, mare match, special suppliments and all the love and encouragement to live that they could.

Her infant eyes were so sad, she had almost been killed, but, maybe things where starting to look up?

When she was strong enough Ron started teaching her how to halter and lead. They were quickly falling in love. In the picutre below she has just had her first bath ever.

Each day brought new life to her eyes, new spring to her step.

As the summer wore on she started feeling much better and began to behave as a baby horse should behave. She would trot with glee, she would lay in the warm sun. Curiously she would sniff new objects, excited at the new things she discovered on a daily basis.

She was soon introduced to a new kind of four legged friend: a Llama! Brazy says “It has funny ears and a really skinny neck, but it didn’t try to eat me and it didn’t even spit on me.”

Ron and Claire simply could not bare the thought of Brazy ever having to find another home, so they adopted her. She will live with them forever.

Brazy is so happy to have a forever family. Claire loves her, Ron loves her, and she is so happy to have survived her terrible start to life and she has a lot of love to give back in return.

Among the many new things she discovered was that people ride big horses, and roosters ride little horses! Brazy says “I don’t mind as long as he doesn’t crow too loud up there or drop some bad smelling gooey stuff on my back!”

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