Today started as a normal day. Feeding, watering, making sure all the horses are ok, but is was definitely hot. This guy recently came into the rescue and definitely enjoyed having his bath. He was such a good boy, you could tell he was really enjoying the loving attention and he just wanted to stay there all day.

Finally he was all done and enjoying a nice bucket of grain. He has a tattoo so Tawnee looked up the number. He’s a match with The Day We Met. Kind of a strange name, so we will be calling him Little Richard. If anyone knows something about this horse, please send the information our way.

While Richard was drying off, a trailer pulled in with another horse coming into the rescue. This is Shasta, she’s an 11 year old Appendix QH. She is a beautiful girl. We are told she is trained to ride but we have not yet evaluated her riding abilities.

Linda worked with the horses through the heat. It was one of those days where sitting in the shade seemed like such a good idea.

In fact, everyone, visitors and staff alike, just gravitated towards shade. Travis’ potential family came out once again to spend some time with him. They are excitedly waiting for their application to be finished so they can take him home!

Dancer left the rescue today with her new mom. They were really excited to take her home, and we were really sad to see her leave. She’s been with us quite awhile. Thanks so much for giving her such a wonderful home.

Many of you may remember when we talked about the volunteer sunflower and the volunteer watermelon. The sunflower got stomped on by a horse, but the watermelon has been doing just fine. When everything quieted down and all the visitors had left, it was time to have a volunteer appreciation meal with one of the watermelons.

The watermelon was just about at the peak of ripeness. It’s what everyone needed after the hot long day. Sweet, cold and juicy.

Napoleon enjoyed having his piece of watermelon too. Nothing like home grown organic sun ripened refrigerated watermelon to make a happy horse.

We would like to thank the wonderful person for sending all the fly masks in the box. Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Many thanks to Esther J., Constance W., Scott C. for their generous donations over the weekend.

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