We have a great update on Kramer. He is becoming a police horse! His adopter has been keeping us informed, and has sent us the newspaper link that talks about Kramer’s latest achievement. Click here or click the picture below. Kramer’s adopter is a police officer, and she’s so happy that she will be able to ride her horse for work. What an awesome story, from rescue to Mounted Patrol.

We got a call from Tink’s adopter. She told us that she loves Tink, renamed Cloud, very much, but just doesn’t have the time to spend with her she feels she needs. Her other horse was feeling left out from all the attention she was giving Cloud, and she realized she really only has enough time for 1 horse. So, Tink came back today.

She is a beautiful girl. She is green broke to ride, and is now looking for a second chance at a forever home.

We got an unexpected call from our vet today informing us that someone was at their office wanting to drop off a horse for us. This transporter has done this before. Our vet is not the drop off place for horses coming to the rescue, so our vet told him to bring the horse to us. We had no idea a horse was coming in… When he arrived, he unloaded a very old, extremely emaciated, Appy mare that is completely blind.

We carefully walked her over to the round pen. It’s always so sad putting a blind horse into a new situation, everything is so foreign to them. The round pen is a nice safe spot, until a stall could be made available as we were not expecting to get in a blind horse.

She laid down and rolled in the nice sand. Tawnee was hoping she could get back up, she is very weak. After her roll she managed to get back on her feet and began exploring.

The transporter said that he had paperwork in the truck, so Jason followed him to the truck to get the paper. He handed the paper to Jason, hopped in his truck, started the engine and said “The paper says there’s two, but I’ll take the other back to my ranch.” Jason looked at Tawnee, handed the paper to her, she said “It says two, two are staying!” Jason ran after the truck, yelling at him to stop, and explained to the transporter what was going to happen.
He grudgingly unloaded the horse. It turned out to be a skinny, though not nearly as skinny as the Appy, very old chestnut mare.

We found it a bit odd that he wanted to keep the heavier horse. Non the less, she was now in our round pen being a buddy for the Appy.

She really gulped down the water, she was definitely thirsty from her trailer ride.

The Appy enjoyed drinking the water for a very long time too, she closed her eyes and just sipped away.

Once their thirst was quenched, they each had a nice soaked bucket of mash.

They really enjoyed sitting there with water in their tummy’s, and now food in front of them.

It was a warm day, but certainly not as hot as yesterday. Blossom, the mare with the old broken tail, enjoyed her bath in her stall.

When evening was coming on, as usual the wild turkey gang came by for a drink of water. It’s nice, even with our limited water, to be able to help the local wildlife out.

Tawnee needed to evaluate some horses. She wisely chose to wait until the cool of the evening. Shasta enjoyed watching the sun set.

She was a very good girl for riding, and they rode until the evening shadows were too long and the sun was too far gone to ride anymore.

Many thanks to Sara H for her generous donation today. We could definitly use some donations to help the Appy and Chestnut out, if you can help even a little, click here.

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