This morning our hearts burst with joy at the overwhelming support for the two seniors that were unexpectedly dropped off yesterday at the rescue. We just had to rush the soaked mash out to give them the great news, that people care and they are definitely loved. After they enjoyed their mash they were given hay to nibble on. It is very wonderful they are both at the rescue, and the chestnut (in the background) was not hauled off yesterday. It’s so wonderful that they were not separated.

After some phone calls, emails and a staff meeting, Chief was loaded up to go to his new home.

Chief’s mommy is so excited to finally have him home for good. He looked around, and soaked in his new surroundings, while his mom had the biggest grin on her face.

Soon he settled right in to his pen and began the never ending quest for something to nibble on.

From there, it was on the road for a couple hours to pick up a horse that needed to come into the rescue. It is getting harder and harder, it seems daily, to decide which worst case story we can help and which worse case story we cannot help. Each day the pace of horses that have to be moved out of their home due to foreclosures and job losses seems to be rising. We cannot imagine this winter, we are going to take it one day at a time.

On the way, the sun slipped behind a beautiful mass of clouds. Tawnee grabbed the camera and took a picture. Jason, who was driving, said “You should see it through sunglasses.”

So Tawnee grabbed a pair of sunglasses, sure enough. It does look better with the sunglasses over the camera!

The GPS told them they were getting close, but the GPS navigation was wrong and soon they were lost. After pulling over, making some phone calls, doodling on the GPS, the correct directions were soon punched in and they were backtracking a few miles. Now the sun was in the rear view mirrors, still as beautiful, but now slipping behind the mountains.

Soon the sun was gone and they were still not at the stable.

Thankfully it was still light enough when they picked up Nike. She is a very beautiful girl, and she was very well cared for, but her owner unfortunately is no longer able to keep her.

It was a long drive back to the rescue, all done after dark.

Eventually they were safely back, unloading Nike into Chief’s waiting stall. It’s always a good day when a horse finds an adoptive home just in time to bring a horse in that needs a new home.

Nike settled right in and started eating. Nike is an 11 year old TB cross / Warmblood. She is trained to 1st level dressage in training level events. She has been sitting in pasture for several months not being ridden, but with a little exercise she should tone right up and be ready for some great riding.

Again, thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! to each and everyone that donated since last blog. Your generous outpouring of love not only makes it possible to help the seniors, and others, but gives us hope and courage that in the never ending fight against horse slaughter, abuse, abandonment and neglect, there is your loving support. Wendy S., Stephanie F., Gail G., Lari K., James G., Sally F., Andrew C., Deborah G., Carla G., Christine C., Lynn E., Cynthia B., Jacquelyn W., Andrea M., Marlene B., Judy C. all donated, thank you again.

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