Today was a massive cleaning, and getting ready for winter, day at the rescue. Bright and early at 7:30 Byron showed up with his tractor to get to work.

His first job was to get the manure pile where the stall cleanings are dumped hauled to it’s permanent resting place. It took 4 big dump truck loads to get it all moved!

Jason immediately got to work taking apart pens so they could be scraped and smoothed out.

Drainage ditches were cleaned…

…pens were graded out…

…land was smoothed…

…all in preparation for the winter rains that are coming. It is so nice having all the pens freshly graded, cleaned and smooth for the horses.

Meanwhile, Linda was busy making the old blind Appy feel very loved. She groomed and loved on her for a long time. With all the tractor work going on riding the horses really wasn’t an option today, but the blind Appy sure did love her makeover.

Napoleon can’t believe the improvement in his pen! He looked and looked and everywhere he looked, he just couldn’t find a bit of manure or a bump to trip over anywhere.

Byron got to work scraping and smoothing the arena pen.

Once that was done, he cleaned out the drainage ditches by the driveway so the water won’t be running over the road this winter.

All of the dirt and decomposed manure sure made a big pile when it was all finished.

The horses loved the freshly smoothed pens! They ran, galloped and bucked their way around for awhile.

They were just too happy, but now, they have all settled down and are eating contentedly once again. Orchid definitly gave her approval of Byron’s work, and gave a leap of joy.

We would like to thank our donors today, Kelly B. and Carol G. without your generous support, these wonderful horses would not be given the opportunity to find forever, loving homes.

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