Mark on your calender Oct 18th at 3:00 pm. Why? As many of you know, we have been helping to find homes for the horses that were owned by the late Clint Ritchie. Many of them have found homes, but time is narrowing down, and the horses must leave the estate soon. They need to find their forever homes. On Oct 18th, we will be having an adoption day at the estate. All of the adoption fees will be $150. You will need to be pre-approved to adopt before signing up to go to the adoption day. Please click here to become approved to adopt and plan on coming and finding that special project horse.

This morning yet another horse made its way to the rescue. He has some medical issues and his owner was not able to afford his care. They donated funds to cover the cost of giving her sweet boy the last gift of kindness. It’s always so hard, but wonderful at the same time, that we can give so many desperate horse owners a humane option that was not financially available before.

The water tank needed another bunch of water, so Jason and some volunteers headed off to get it. In awile he was back and the tank has plenty of water in it for a few days.
Some visitors came out to the rescue today to look at potential horses. A very special girl was brought to the rescue for her birthday. They’ve been looking for a horse for some time, and since they had rescued dogs, they told us “We decided to stop looking at horses from breeders and come to the rescue instead.” They looked at all the horses, but one really tugged at all of their hearts. It was Lilly, our #1,000 rescued horse.

There was definitely a special bond there you could see. As they looked into each others eyes, it was as if they knew they wanted to be together forever.

They put the $50 hold on her and are now waiting for the adoption application to be done. The girl has always dreamed of calling her horse “Bumble Bee” so now she is called Lilly’s Bumble Bee. Quite a cute name for a cute horse.

After 3:00, Tawnee headed off to pick apples. She took the camera so she could get the perfect picture of a tree ripening apple. Taking the camera was all fine and well, but…

…Larry had arranged some people to come around 4:00 to pick up Tuck. Apparently this slipped Tawnee’s mind, as she had approved the arrangements previously. Jason scrounged for the extra camera, and it did take the pictures, but, the removable card was not in it, it requires a proprietary cable, and they can’t find it. So the pictures are stuck on the camera. So, we used the main camera and took pictures of the other camera.
Tuck’s adoptive mommy is so happy with him. Tuck, as you may remember, is one of the horses that came to the euthanasia clinic a couple months ago with a wire injury to his leg right above his foot. He is doing well now and is so happy to be going to his new home.

He was a very good boy and hopped right into the trailer when he was asked to.

We would like to thank our donors for continuing to support the rescue. We would like to thank, in a special way, Cindy M for finishing the Oct auction rescue. Our goal this month, due to limited staff and room at the rescue, is $500. With Cindy’s generous donation, it is now at $700. Laura D’s generous monthly hay support is also greatly appreciated. Hay is something we use every single day, and hay sponsorships are so appreciated.

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