For a Sunday, today really wasn’t overly busy. This morning Nike was waiting to say “Hello” to the world. She stuck her nose up to the camera, as if asking “Please, I want to be in the blog.” So, here’s her moment of fame.

The blind Appy and her companion really enjoy eating their mash. It’s really starting to get cold during the nights, and we are concerned that with this winter coming on, there is no chance of rehab. They are both very old horses, and winters are extremely hard on emaciated horses in general, and when they are seniors too, it can literally kill them. For now they enjoy having food in their tummy’s and enjoy being loved.

Nike wanted to be on the blog so badly today that she posed with Alex. She has decided that Alex is her man, they are almost matching and look great together. We haven’t had the heart to let Nike know that Alex is a gelding yet.

We had some energetic people come out today to help clean the pens. Thank you all so much for your hard work in cleaning and raking 5 pens today.

Linda took Nike for an evaluation ride. Nike was a really good girl and is very responsive to direction. Linda says she knows dressage. Poor horse, she may have never worn a western saddle before in her life.

As the economy goes down, more and more horse owners find themselves jobless and with no money to care for their horse. Another one of these cases came in today. This is a beautiful 11 year old Arabian.

She is a gorgeous girl, she has done 70+ mile endurance rides and knows 3rd level Parelli.

Next another horse came to the rescue. We’ve known this boy before, he came to us in 2006. His mommy loved him dearly, and it was a hard parting, but he has hereditary back problems and would never be able to be ridden. She felt so sad every time she loaded up the trailer to go riding, he would stand there looking longingly after them, wishing he could go too. She doesn’t have a lot of acreage and cannot give him a retirement home. Brokenhearted she brought him back to the rescue.

The last time we saw Ronan he looked a lot different. The exciting news for Ronan is we already have a retirement home lined up for him where he can live forever. He was born in Canada and one of our previous board of directors was trying to help a bunch of PMU foals find homes. It came down to the last few, and Ronan was one of them, bound for slaughter. She figured out a way to save the foals from that terrible end. When Ronan was a yearling, she surrendered him to the rescue so we could find him a home. When she learned of his health issues and that he came back to the rescue, she stepped forward and offered him a retirement home, one where he can frolic with other horses, without being asked to carry a person around.

The tack room door has been white, with dirt smears on it, for quite some time. It was decided to paint it burgundy to hide the dirt and to make it more attractive.

Larry painted the tack room door, and also pained the office door today. One of the visitors commented that the burgundy doors make the place seem inviting.

Lily’s Bumble Bee got some exciting news. Her soon to be adoptive mommy was coming to see her again. She just couldn’t wait for her to get here.

When she got here, you could just see how excited the two are to be together once again.

While the little girl was spending time with Bumble Bee, her mommy was spending time with Tink. Now Tink is in adoption pending as well! They are excitedly waiting for their adoption approval to be finalized.

When all the human visitors were finally gone, Larry noticed a small little feathery visitor. He said “Look!” What was it? It was a bird, a pigeon? Was it Twiggy?

No, it wasn’t Twiggy, we sure miss little Twiggy, but it was a new pigeon visitor, hopefully he decides to hang around like Twiggy did. Both his legs are banded so maybe he is just passing through on his journey through life.

We would like to give a big “Thank you!” to Judy H., Sara H., Esther J., and Cindy R. for their generous donations over the weekend.

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