Guess who was still here this morning? The little pigeon! We always wonder what happened to Twiggy, and hope the best for the guy, and we welcome this new addition and hope she stays around for awhile.

Today was a major farrier day. We are trying out a new farrier that is giving a low cost rate to the rescue. We are hoping to have him out every 4 weeks to give a trim up to whoever needs it. The rescue is getting so busy with horses coming and going that we cannot rely on Tawnee and the volunteer hoof trimmers to keep up with everyone.

The new farrier and his wife are really great with the horses. They came to us highly recommend.

The water tank needed another bunch of water so Jason and some volunteers headed out with the water truck to get some. We can’t wait until we won’t need to worry about hauling water!

Dottie really enjoyed her manicure. She was a good little girl most of the time.

Macho Man had to show her what an older, experienced horse does when they are getting their hooves trimmed. He was a little saint. All in all 21 horses were trimmed today! Everyone’s feet are up to date on trimming.

By this time the water truck was rumbling back ready to put some water in the tank. When Tawnee saw the big clouds of dust, she really started wishing for rain. It’s almost here, just around the corner!

We are planning and preparing to start permanently identifying the rescued horses, and part of that plan is freeze branding them. Freeze branding is relatively painless, and the horses would be sedated when the freeze branding takes place. This would enable any volunteers at auctions to easily recognize any horses that are not supposed to be at auction and bring them back to safety. We received the certificate of brand registration.

Many giant thanks to Teresa L., Pamela M., Blue Horse Design, United Way, Sheri B., Karen O., Kim D. and we would also like to thank Haul Your Horse for renewing their advertisement!

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