The irrigated pasture home needed some more hay for the horses, so after the morning chores were done the hay was hauled over there.

The hay made it to the foster home and was unloaded into their hay storage safely.

The horses sure will enjoy eating it. The pasture is still green, but it’s always good to supplement the pasture so it doesn’t get eaten down all the way.

The horses were all happy to see more people. Volunteers have been out there, but Tawnee hasn’t been able to be there in quite awhile.

Prince is getting to be quite a big boy now. It’s hard to believe that he was only 30 lbs when he was delivered, with only a 30% chance of survival.

He’s a really friendly guy, he just loves following people around. He’s so gorgeous too!

We would like to formally introduce all of the other babies that were born out at the pasture. These babies came from the 4 pregnant mares which came to the rescue earlier this year. This is August, a cute little colt. August’s mommy is Amber.

This little girl’s name is Emily. You may notice that the following babies all look about the same. They’re not triplets, but since they were all born in the same herd, about the same time, and all look about the same, we’ll call them our triplets. Emily’s mommy is Mocha.

This little girl’s name is Emma. Her mommy is Nutaka and she sure has her mom’s pretty face.

This little boy’s name is Ethan. So, for the triplets we have Emily, Emma, and Ethan. Ethan’s mom is Candy. They are all such adorable baby’s.

Tilly, from how she looks now you would never guess she was horribly emaciated when she came to us, is now available for adoption. Her court case is over and she is cleared to go to a new home. She sure has filled out nicely.

Sadie, who was rescued with Tilly, looks like a different girl too. She is very beautiful and is also available for adoption now.

When Tawnee said “Goodbye” to the horses, Ethan, Emma, and August were hanging out at their own little hay pile. They are all so cute!

Many of you have emailed about Nike. Today Jason put together a video of Nike in the round pen, which you can watch on Youtube by clicking here or pressing play on the video below. If you are interested in her, we recommend putting an adoption hold on her. Her adoption fee is $350.

We would like to thank Patricia F., Yvonne P. and Gail G. for their generous donations today. Thank you so much!

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