Just a reminder, we have an auction rescue coming up this Sunday. Our goal for this months rescue is $500, and thanks to generous donors, it is currently at $700! We will be bringing in a small number of horses this Sunday due to limited space and staff this month. Thank you so much for contributing to save lives.

On another note, the October Euthanasia Clinic is scheduled for the 20th. We have lots of people signing up with horses that desperately need this service. We currently have $10 towards the goal of $2,500. Please consider donating to bring a peaceful, humane ending to a magnificent life, helping to keep it out of the slaughterhouse. Click here to donate.

This morning we had vet appointments for the elderly, blind Appy and those with health problems to be seen by the vet to get her opinion on their quality of life. Tawnee led the poor blind mare to the trailer. She got right into the trailer with no trouble, despite being completely blind. It’s so sad seeing a horse in such bewilderment and fear of the unknown.

The mare with the broken tail, the horse with the injured eye, along with some others that had a poor quality of life in our opinion.

At the vet, each horse was examined. The blind mare and her senior friend both had a lot of health issues that were only going to be getting progressively worse. They were both very elderly, and with winter right around the corner, the vet told us it would not be fair to the horses to try and prolong their lives. The mare with the broken tail was examined. The vet was amazed at the extent of her previous injuries. We’ve been observing her here at the rescue, watching her defecate upon herself as she was unable to control her tail. She was unable to keep herself clean, and with her other medical problems, she simply did not have a good quality of life. It was a very sad day of saying “Goodbye” but we know it is for the best. The horses who we had to say goodbye to were each sedated and given a bucket of yummy senior feed. They ate the yummy treats until the heavy sedation took affect, at which time they were given the final goodbye. It’s the hardest part of rescuing, but at the same time, it is often the kindest.
On the way back from the vet there were a whole flock of birds on a power line. Tawnee stopped, got the camera ready, and then honked the horn. The whole flock of birds took off flying, what a beautiful sight.

The sun was slipping behind the hills on the drive back to the rescue.

There is a special TV program that will be airing about the Mustangs. You can watch the Youtube preview by clicking here. It looks like it will be a very good segment, and it may answer some of the questions we all have, about why so many Mustangs are being removed from the range.

Almost 20 shares cards have found homes today, we still have a bunch more that would definitely love to go shopping with you. If you shop at Sav-Mart, Smart Foods, Food Max or Lucky’s, please request a card!

Many thanks to Suzanne F. for her generous donation today!

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