This morning we got another load of hay delivered. It sure is nice having great quality hay delivered and hand stacked for $7 a bale. We are definitely blessed to have found these hay guys.

The pigeon is still calling the rescue home. If he keeps this up long enough, expect a poll to show up asking what his name should be. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Jason, a volunteer, and the big water truck filled up the storage tank this morning. This water truck has been a significant resource that was greatly needed at the rescue over the hot summer months. We are told it is supposed to rain next week, perhaps the water truck can retire soon until next year.

The SHARES cards were all packaged up this morning. We would like to thank you for your enthusiasm in requesting these cards. People have emailed asking “How do we get a card?” It’s easy, contact us with your address and let us know how many cards you will use.

Over 20 cards were packaged up and got ready to be sent out.

Jason took all the envelopes to the Post Office, bought some stamps and stamped each one. When you receive your envelope, please be advised that the card is inside our brochure.

Waiting at the Post Office where two big mysterious boxes. Boxes so big and heavy the postal worker let Jason use the hand cart to get them to the truck.

Back at the rescue, excitement ran high as the boxes were opened. All kinds of tack: halters, lead ropes, cinches, foal bottle, bits, bridles, and much more, were all waiting inside.

All we can say is “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” to the very generous person who sent it in. Donated tack is so helpful at the rescue. Much of the donated tack is used at the rescue, and that which is unusable is sold at a tack auction to rescue horses. It’s a win win situation.

We would like to thank Sara H. and Lee E. for their generous monthly support. It’s certainly a day of thanksgiving!

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