…yesterdays (Sunday’s) blog continued.

Larry called up from the rescue and said “We have got a problem…” Sunday was an auction Sunday, Larry, April, and some other volunteers were heading to the auction to rescue some horses. The small trailer had a flat, which was odd as Jason had spent Friday getting it fixed up. Larry pulled the trailer up on the ramp to change the tire.

When he did removed the tire, the axle literally fell to the ground, the axle mounts broken. We are so glad that this happened at the rescue instead of when it was loaded with horses! This leaves us with a huge problem: NorCal Equine Rescue owns the 24′ stock trailer, and has a free lease of the small trailer. The small trailer has been having a lot of issues, and this summer we’ve said between ourselves that we need to think about getting another small (4 horse) trailer. Now, this need has become a must. As you know, this trailer is almost daily on the road rescuing horses, taking rescued horses to the vet, and then taking adopted horses to their new homes. We are lost without a small trailer. It will take about $8,000 to replace the little trailer with a new one that will safely haul the rescued horses for years to come. The large stock trailer is a Featherlite, and we would like to stick with Featherlite (or another reputable aluminum trailer) as we have never had any complaints with it. When Jason and Tawnee get back to the rescue we must get a fundraiser kicked off for this as soon as possible. The little trailer breaking to pieces is a terrible tragedy.

Thankfully the big stock trailer was ready to go. They had planned to use the smaller trailer as the auction was going to be a smaller auction rescue than normal.

Meanwhile, you’ve probably been wondering where Jason and Tawnee are. They’re in Texas on the way to their hotel. It looked cold when they landed in the plane, but when they got out, it was cloudy and foggy, but not cold.

Back at the rescue, Linda and Debbie were doing a great job showing horses to potential adopters.

Ginger was adopted to an approved adopter who is so excited about her new best friend. Transportation arrangements are in the works.

Bliss was adopted to her new family and took one last look at the rescue before getting all the way into the trailer.

A mule was surrendered to the rescue. She is a really nice mule. She is in adoption pending to one of our previous adopters who have been looking for a mule.

Larry and the auction volunteers were heading back to the rescue. Night was falling fast.

They arrived safely at the rescue. They rescued 6 horses in total, it’s always so hard to say “No” to a horse in need.

The horses were led to their own quiet pens for the night.

This is a great photo, you can see the excitement on the volunteers face when she unloaded her rescue. When we ran out of funds, she used her own money to rescue this horse.

The horses were so happy to be out of the auction yard and to a safe place.

Now today (Monday’s) blog. This morning the auction horses were able to get out, roll, be groomed and loved on. It made them feel loved and at home.

This mare had something wrong with her and it made everyone at the rescue very worried.

She looked uncomfortable and acted like she wanted to lay down.

She appeared to be dripping milk. Was she pregnant?

Back in Texas, Jason and Tawnee arrived at their destination. Animal Control cars were parked there too.

We know you’re wondering why Jason and Tawnee are in Texas: Humane Society of the United States Disaster Animal Response Training.

After the Nebraska trip, they have wanted to get their DART certification. Thanks to one of our sponsors, they were able to fly out for the 3 day class.

Back in California, the mare that was causing concern was taken to the vet for evaluation and continued observation.

She was examined and it was found that she is not pregnant thankfully.

She’ll stay at the vet for observation for a few days.

In Texas, the local TV station came out to do a news story on the DART training. Jason and Tawnee tried to stay out of the spotlight…

But it didn’t happen. The news does believe that only Texas folks are at the training. It’s completely fine with Jason and Tawnee. Click here to watch the TV segment.

From the classroom you can look out and see the ocean. You can probably guess where Jason and Tawnee went when the class was over… Miles of beach, 85 degrees with lots of sunshine.

Pictures of all the rescued horses from the auction will be posted in a future blog. Please bear with us as our staff is scattered across the nation. Thank you all for your generous support!

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