We received $50 for the euthanasia clinic, which is this Tuesday! With Jason and Tawnee in Texas, we don’t have our fundraising force behind us to get it done. We really need your help to raise the remainder of the $2500 goal. So far we have raised $295. Please click here to donate. Please remember that while Jason and Tawnee are gone the website is not updated, so please check the blog for the current fundaising amounts.

So many people want to help, but due to distance it makes it hard for them. Many of you may remember the honeymooners which visited the rescue as part of their honeymoon. She sent us this picture on one of the ways she has found to help spread the word about the rescue. She recently went to Day of the Horse and wore our shirt from our store to help raise awareness. Thanks so much for wearing it! She was able to tell lots of people who hadn’t heard about us who we are, what we do, and hopefully helping to encourage people to adopt a rescued horse. There are lots of little things like this you can do too.

We got a great update on Hope. Hope was displaced in the 2008 wildfires and needed a forever home. Hope’s adopter says: “Lucy is riding her around all over and we all love her very much!!! She is stubborn like an old mule when she wants to be, but we absolutely love her, she is a great horse… Thank you so so much!” Thanks so much for giving Hope a wonderful home, she is definitely a wonderful horse that really needed a home like yours.

Black Jack was adopted from us about a year and a half ago. He was rescued from an auction. He is now used in a children’s therapy program. His adopter says: “He is the best horse ever. I have even used him for lessons. I just want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to have such a wonderful horse. And thank you for all that you do for these magnificent animals.” Thank you so much for giving Black Jack such a wonderful home. What a great silhouette.

The rainy season seems to be upon the rescue now. According to the weather it should rain for a couple days and then be nice and sunny once again. We sure do need the rain!

We really wish we had more mare motels during the winter time. More covered stalls / shelters would be wonderful.

Winter is certainly the toughest time at the rescue. There are more horses than ever that need help, down pouring rain, it all makes the day to day operation a lot harder. One of the people at the rescue experienced one of the challenges today when he drove off the gravel and almost got stuck.

Thankfully all the hard work of scraping the pens down will make them less muddy for awhile.

All the poor flies that have been dreading winter decided that there needs to be a national emergency declared because the rain is falling so hard they can’t fly in the rain since their flight controller won’t allow it. Their poor little wings just can’t handle being hit with giant balls of water. Now they’re hanging out in the mare motels trying to stay warm and dry.

We would like to thank all the dedicated staff and volunteers for doing such a great job at the rescue while Tawnee and Jason are absent. The rescue couldn’t do it without you all!

Little Richard, one of the horses that Horses Honor brought up, is doing fine. We had to get him a cribbing collar as he was literally trying to tear everything apart with his incessant cribbing. Thankfully the collar has solved his problems and now he can concentrate on eating instead of spending his days cribbing / wind sucking. He is really a sweetheart though.

In Texas, it was raining as well. The locals told Jason and Tawnee that it “never rains here” and they are all excited.

The DART class is very amazing and is highly recommended for anyone that wants to be involved in animals that need to be rescued. It is mostly a PowerPoint presentation and is very well presented by very knowedgable instructors.

Part of rescuing is working together, getting every ones minds together to find the best solution. One of the exercises today was splitting everyone up into teams. Then each team wrote a public service announcement and shared it with the other teams. Jason’s team included a few people from a vast variety of backgrounds, but in the end they selected Jason to give the PSA. It was supposed to be 30 seconds, Jason made it to 29 seconds before running out of words.

Thank you to Gail G and Dorothy M for their generous donations today. We couldn’t do it without your support!

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