Thank you all for your generous support of the euthanasia clinic. It is currently at $700 out of the goal of $2500. Please remember that the website will not be updated until Jason and Tawnee get back. Once again, thank you so much!

At the rescue, thankfully it was not pouring rain today. The horses were able to be taken out and groomed. It always makes them feel so loved.

Linda evaluated horses today. We are so appreciative of her help.

It’s really nice we have people we can count on to come out no matter the weather to be there for the horses.

The sun started to come out. It was definitely nice to have the sun come out to dry everything out. Now the fly’s can freely fly around.

Nike met and fell in love with her new mommy today. She was waiting to be approved before coming to meet her. Today was that day, she absolutely loves Nike and now transportation arrangements have to be made.

Back in Texas, it was the last day of classwork for Jason and Tawnee.

It was beautiful and sunny. This view is out the classroom window. It was certainly distracting, but thankfully they kept the shades pulled to keep everyone focused.

One of the exercises today was putting everyone in separate groups and working on an emergency shelter plan. The scenario was 1,300 homes were being evacuated in the path of a fire, and the students had to figure out how many animals to plan for, where to put them, all the needed supplies, etc. Definitely put everyones training to the test.

Finally, the lectures were over.

Then it was time for the examination to find out how much everyone learned. Tawnee is always nervous when it comes to examinations, she is dyslexic and she is always afraid she’ll put the backwards answer on. She was afraid she would be the last one still working on the test, but she wasn’t…

All too soon she was done and got 100 points out of a possible 105!

Jason also passed and was given a certificate of completion. He got 105 points, you could see the look of pride all over his face.

After the class, Jason and Tawnee went to visit another species that is under attack it seems. Their travel was made longer by a train.

Soon, they were at their destination and ready to board the small boat.

Jason and Tawnee were going to try and see dolphins in the wild. So many people go to see dolphins where they are kept in aquariums, or as the skipper of boat put it “In a toilet.” He was telling everyone the statistics of how many dolphins die in captivity younger then they should, how they are often deprived food so they will be more willing to do tricks to please the crowd, etc. Across the world many dolphins are “rounded up” and killed in huge numbers so they don’t eat the fish. Others are caught in nets. They are beautiful animals that deserve to swim free.
The water was a little choppy, but the dolphins enjoyed seeing everyone and swam alongside the boat quite a bit.

They are such magnificent animals! The owner of the boats says that sometimes they come up to the boat and you can touch them on the nose. Today they weren’t so friendly, they mostly were just fishing, but it was an amazing experience seeing wild dolphins so close to the boat. Living free, the way they should be.

Many thanks to Barbara B. – Pamela N. – Misty C. – Paula M. – Shawna M. -Natalie K. for their generous donations today! Please remember that we still have a ways to go on the clinic that is only 6 days away. Please click here to donate if you can, even $10 helps a lot!
Due to limited staff, and Jason and Tawnee being absent, tomorrow’s blog will be a rescue story, along with Friday, blog entries will resume normal on Sunday. Thank you so much for your support!

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