Life at the rescue is back to normal! Jason and Tawnee are back, now holding certificates in Disaster Animal Rescue. They are trained to be called up to the smallest, or the biggest, disasters and work alongside any and all responders for the benefit of the animals. What wonderful training it is, they were also certified by FEMA and hold 3 different FEMA certificates. They have been working on getting the FEMA certificates for quite awhile now.

The euthanasia clinic is only 2 days away and it needs your help. Currently, thanks to generous donors, the thermometer is at $982 out of a goal of $2,500. There is still $1518 left to raise, let’s all pitch together and make it happen! The website is being updated regularly again. You can visit the fundraising page and make a donation by clicking here.

The magazine, theHorse, did a half hour interview with Tawnee regarding her predictions for horse welfare this winter. During the interview, Tawnee spoke with them in regard to possible changes to our euthanasia guidelines this winter. We are hoping to do 2 different euthanasia clinics per month this winter. 1 would be low cost (at our cost) where no horse would be turned away, and the other clinic would be free as funds allow. This would lower the amount of fundraising we would need to do each month. At both clinics the horses would be screened for adoptability and brought into our adoption program to find homes if they have a good quality of life. They do the prices a little mixed up for the low cost clinic. They state that it would be $25. The low cost clinic would be about $150. You can read the article by clicking here. Our goal this winter, along with Days End Horse Rescue, is to not turn any horse away this winter. It’s a huge goal, but with your help we can make it happen! Slaughter is not the option for horses who’s owners can no longer keep them.

One of our board of directors showed up unannounced to make sure the rescue is being ran as directed. He pitched a helping hand in to get the morning chores done quickly.

After all the horses were fed, he hauled one of the feeders up to get it repaired. It has a hole in the bottom, just about the right size for sitting through to hold it on the ATV. It just needs a paint job and it’ll look like a funny turtle!

While Jason and Tawnee were gone, it rained. And now green grass is sprouting up everywhere. It is so beautiful.

We had a group of sorority girls come out to help today. Macho Man and Dotties pen has never been so full of activity like it was today. One of the girls was scared of horses, so we figured that Dottie and Macho Man were the right size to start.

Soon brush was flying. The pen was raked, cleaned and crossfenced.

Then the cut down brush was hauled away to the brush pile.

We would like to thank this great group of young ladies for their help. This is the 2nd time they have come out and we cannot thank them enough for their help. From right to left: Marissa, Erika, Katie and Marissa. Thanks again.

Larry spent some of his day in the office. Tawnee generally does the phone calls and replies to the phone messages, but there were quite a few of them from last week, and they needed to be done. There were about 70 phone messages that had to be replied to! When he stepped back out of the office, there were 0 phone messages that needed to be replied to. Thank you so much Larry, that was a huge job that had to be done.

Ginger’s family came to take her home today. She was adopted last Sunday and today they brought a trailer to take her home. She is such a good girl and took everything in strides. We told them to keep an eye on her because she seems to be a bit accident prone. You may remember that she had to go to the vet for stitches, we still can’t figure out how she managed to cut herself.

Linda evaluated horses today. Noble, who came from Horses Honor, has now gained enough weight so we can evaluate his riding abilities. He is trained to ride, but he needs to gain more weight and muscle. He knows what riding is, but he needs a refresher course.

A horse came in early for the euthanasia clinic. They rescued her from auction, rehabbed her back to weight, gave her lots of love and kindness, but old injuries just wouldn’t heal. Now with winter coming on her injuries made it almost impossible to walk. It’s so sad, she’s a beautiful girl, but we are comforted to know she will never face the dread of slaughter. So many owners would have dumped this girl at auction hoping to get a few last dollars out of her. Her last days would have been filled with pain as she endured the long trailer ride out of the country to slaughter.

One of the horses that came from the last auction was adopted today by the perfect home. Judy, a long time friend of NorCal, dropped by to visit. Her soft spot is gaited horses that need help. Tawnee walked her over to this poor guy, got him out of his stall, then said “Oh, I’ll be right back.” When Tawnee came back, they were in love.

As Judy was filling out Captains adoption papers, it was as if he was making sure she did a good job and that it really was his name on the papers.

It was nice to see a California sunset over the rescue once again.

Many thanks to Dorothy M. – Barbara B. – Misty C. – Paula M. – Shawna M. – Natalie K. – Charlotte A. – Barbara F. – Barbara B. – Scott E. – Sheri B. – Suzanne F.- Bandit Blue – Elizabeth K. for their generous donations!

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