The euthanasia clinic is Tuesday! We currently have $1057 towards the goal of $2500, please donate what you can to make it happen. There are already horses signed up for the clinic that we do not have the funds to cover. Their owners are losing everything. Their job, their home, everything. Their only other option for their beloved horse is to take it to an auction. We are dedicated to keeping horses out of the slaughter pipeline, but we need your help. Please click here to donate. Thank you in advance for our generosity. Every dollar really helps.

Prince is having another exciting adventure: gelding. Honey, Prince’s mom, and he have been living at the pasture for the last few months, and he is now old enough to be gelded. Jason headed over to pick them up. They were very happy to see Jason, and they all crowded around to see what the excitement was all about.

All the mommy and baby’s, including Nutaka and her baby, are doing well too. It’s so wonderful having such a beautiful place for the baby’s to spend their first few months at. They can run, leap and frolic in the wide open spaces with green grass all around.

Jason arrived at the vet with Prince and Honey safely. The last time Prince was taken to the vet he was 30 days premature and only weighed 30 lbs. If you missed his story, click here to read it. You will really enjoy it! This is Prince when he was born.

Today, Prince is a completely different guy. He is strong, tough and sturdy. After dropping Prince and Honey off, Jason rushed back to the rescue for his next assignment.

At the rescue, Jason loaded the mini stall into the van and headed off.

It was Petie’s day to come to the rescue. She is a little dwarfed miniature horse that is just so incredibly adorable. She is an inch or two taller than Macho Man, but still very very small. She was owned by a very loving owner who did not feel that she could provide the best home for Petie. Petie is on her way to her new home, she will just be staying at the rescue until transportation arrangements can be made.

April and Larry picked up a bunch of donated feed from Yuba County Animal Control. This is about the 3rd time they have donated feed. It is so nice to have the feed bins filled up once again.

Tink and Lily’s Bumble Bee’s family came out this evening to take them home. It’s hard to believe that Lily is our #1,000 rescued horse! It is so exciting that she has found her very own loving family.
Lily, like Captain yesterday, was very interested in the adoption paperwork. She just had to make sure it was done right.

Tink took a minute to admire the wonderful trailer. The trailer was rented from our friends at Haul Your Horse. It was a very good trailer, we highly recommend that if you need to rent a trailer, check out Haul Your Horse.

Lily took a little more encouraging to get in, but she finally decided it was time to go and hopped in.

Petie arrived back at the rescue and was ready to get out and see her new temporary home.

She sure did enjoy looking around, seeing all the new sites, sounds and smells at the rescue. She is just too incredibly adorable!

The plan for Petie is that she is going to a new rescue in southern CA and will be a permanent resident at their rescue. Dottie enjoyed meeting Petie. Dottie is kind of funny looking with her long stretched out body and head, but we love her so so much.

Macho Man also enjoyed visiting Petie. He can’t believe his good luck in having such a cute girl in his pen. It’s a good thing he’s a gelding.

We would like to thank Charlotte K., Rebecca O., Karen O., Margaret S., and James G. for their generous donations today. You can see your name here tomorrow too, just click here!

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