Thank You!
You will never know the immense joy that today brought to the staff and volunteers of NorCal Equine Rescue. The day started with over $1,400 left to raise for the clinic, it was really looking grim. But then, the donations started coming in. $100 here. $50 there. One generous person donated $43. Another donated $10. Yet another donated $500. By the time the clinic started at 10:00 am, the funds had been raised for the clinic! To know that you, our supporters, are willing to sacrifice, perhaps a cup of coffee a day, to further our efforts of compassion, is truly heartwarming.
The day started with loading the horses that had been brought to the clinic early and other horses that needed to go to the vet. This poor girl was rescued at the last auction, but her rear legs were ruined and causing her a lot of pain.

It is really one of the saddest cases we have seen at the rescue of broken down legs, they were literally falling apart. She had nothing left to hold her up other than sore, achy joints.

Once again, April and Larry were willing to sacrifice their day to volunteer at the clinic, signing people in, putting the horses where they go, and generally making the operation run successfully. One by one trailers would pull in, unload their precious cargo, tears shed, and then leave.

There is a very beautiful boy at the vet that is ready for his retirement home. Any day now he will be coming to the rescue where he has a lifetime sponsorship along with Napoleon.

Phoenix is absolutely a gorgeous, recovered boy now. We are very excited that he is coming back this month and cannot wait for him to settle in and start his new life.

Prince is officially weaned now. He is a big boy and really doesn’t need to be with his mommy any more. For now he is hanging out in his own stall waiting for his gelding operation. His weaning began yesterday, and today the vet told us we could take Honey back to the rescue as Prince is doing well on his own. He will settle for a few more days and have his gelding operation next week.

Jason loaded the horse that was rescued at last auction, who we thought may be pregnant, into the trailer for the trip back to the rescue. She is doing well and is ready to be evaluated and adopted into a loving home.

Jason arrived back at the rescue and unloaded the horses.

We got a phone call this afternoon that a local wood product company had some bedding that had been rained on, that we could have if we wanted. The product wasn’t ruined, the packaging was just wet. We can never pass up free shavings, so Jason headed off to pick it up. When he arrived, 6 pallets in total (5 pictured) were waiting for him.

One by one Jason unloaded the bags of shavings, hauled them into the stock trailer, and stacked them up.

By the end of pallet 6 Jason had loaded over 300 bags of shavings and put them in the stock trailer! Guess who is unloading them in the morning? This is a wonderful donation and will greatly benefit the rescued horses.

By the time Jason got back from the wood company it was long after dark.

We would like to thank all of our generous donors again: Pamela D. -Laurie D. – Cindy M. – Cindy S. – Wendy S. – Karen T. – Anna S. – Kelly Y. – Gail G. – Sandra L. – Sally F. – Elizabeth C. – Dianna S. all stepped forward to make the fundraising goals of the day a success!

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