Yes, it is that time of year again, time to get the low cost Gelding Program on its yearly roll. This is a vitally important program, one in which people can bring their stallion / colt to the vet and have it gelded for between $25 and $75. Last year we gelded 20, this year our goal is 40. The fund pays for $125 of the gelding cost. This is a wonderful service to the horse community, so many people cannot afford to geld their stallion, with this program we are cutting the unwanted horse problem at the source!

We have a matching grant of $1,400, so any dollar that you donate will be automatically doubled! What a great opprotunity to fill up the thermometer. Please click here to donate.

Linda came out this morning to work with the horses. She bathed, groomed, and rode as many of the horses as she had time for.

Jason started unloading the donated shavings.

By the time he was done, there was a huge pile of shavings sititng there, ready to be spread in the stalls. What a wonderful donation.

After he unloaded the shavings Jason headed out to the vet to pick up Phoenix. At the vet, one of the pony’s we rescued and placed into a home was there getting some medical attention. Inky is doing so well these days and is greatly loved by her family.

Today was so exciting for Phoenix and everyone at the rescue. The vet staff were all saddened to see him go, so they crowded around for one last picture.

On the way back to the rescue, Jason made a very quick stop at Home Depot to get some material to build a shelter. Phoenix didn’t mind riding in the front of the trailer with the material behind the divider, with no chance of material to slide under the divider. While at Home Depot, Jason was absolutely shocked when a very kind hearted person paid for the entire bill! Thank you so much Celeste!

Phoenix enjoyed hopping out of the trailer and looking around at his forever home for the first time.

He has decided that the round pen is a great place, but the sand is a little wet to roll in. He had a photography session to document his recovery.

This is how Phoenix looked when he was rescued this summer.

And now, he is fat, happy and oh so very healthy.

Phoenix has a lifetime sponsorship at the rescue and is going to be living with Napoleon in his big pen. They will be able to live their days out together. We are so glad that Napoleon has a lifetime friend, with Napoleon’s cataracts in both his eyes, he may lose his vision in the future and Phoenix will need to be there to be his guide.

You can watch a video that has Phoenix in it by clicking here. Phoenix starts at about 45 seconds into the video, but the whole video is worth watching. It’s an extended trailer for a horse welfare documentary. The film crew documented his rescue.

Many thanks to Omar S. and Rosies Remedies for their donations today! Your support is greatly appreciated.

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