We got an update with pictures of Pie, known as Silver while at the rescue. They wrote: “Show pictures of Pie at his first show. He did so great I have to show him off.” His adopters have given the rescue coupons for 10% off for training. Future adopters will receive coupons for training when they adopt a horse.

We received some donations for the gelding program today, thank you so much! There is still a long ways to go, but with your help we know we can make it. There are still a lot of funds in the matching grant, so your donation is automatically doubled!

Today Jason and a volunteer worked on building the horse shelter. First the roof frame was assembled then the roof sheeting was screwed down.

Then the roof was hauled into the large pen. Once the roof was in the shelter, the legs were attached and the roof was raised, literally.

When it was done, there is a nice 12′ x 12′ shelter. We are hoping the horses will enjoy their new shelter.

This evening another load of hay rounded the corner into the rescue.

Troy Hay always brings great quality hay. The horses really love it too.

By now you are no doubt wondering where Tawnee has been since Sunday. Sunday evening she came down with a fever, and ever since then she has been laid up in bed quite ill. Today she was able to at least visit the horses, but she is still a long ways from fully recovered. Let’s hope she’s back to 100% soon! Jason is quite busy doing his job and Tawnee’s. Tawnee usually answers the phones, but her voice is gone, please bare with us!

We would like to thank Jessica B., Pamela N. and Janet D. for their generous donations today. Thank you so much!

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