Today was a pretty normal day at the rescue for a Sunday. A lot of visitors came to the rescue to see the horses and spend time with them.

Linda showed horses to potential adopters. April and other volunteers worked at the rescue as well, feeding, cleaning, showing horses, etc.

Lots of people visited the rescue. This little girl sure looks happy to be spending some time with Hershy.

The horses always love Sunday’s when visitors come out to spend time with them. They enjoy having the staff and regular volunteers spend time with them, but they also enjoy having new faces to visit.

Where were Jason, Tawnee and Larry today? They had piled into the big white van and headed to Fresno.

Today was an Adoption Options workshop sponsored by Petfinder and Petco Foundation. Jason and Tawnee were able to go attend the workshop in Reno last year, but every workshop is different with a lot of new information.

The workshop was in a beautiful venue. About 100 people attended the workshop.

The speakers were very motivational. The topics were varied and in depth. During the introductions Jason received a round of applause when he announced this years gelding clinic. Spray/neuter clinics are second nature to cat and dog rescues, but is definitely a fairly new concept for horse rescues. All of the speakers were very good, and the closing monologue brought people to tears.

Many thanks to Gail G., Donna A., and Sara H. for their generous donations. We greatly appreciate it!

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