Thanks to your generosity, the gelding program is at $690. Some folks who sent in a $10 donation wish they could send more. With the matching grant, that $10 became $20! It’s always fun doing a fundraiser when there is a matching grant and watching the money grow twice as fast.

This morning we got a call from some people who have been struggling to keep their horses. They were going to surrender their horses a few months ago, but they thought they could manage to keep them. Today they realized they could no longer afford to keep their beloved pets. One of their horses came up lame and they had no money for medical attention for the horse. After the morning chores were done Jason and Tawnee headed out with the truck and trailer.

The problem was, their road was very small and there was no way we could make it in with the big trailer. We called up our good friends, Jim and Donna, at Home at Last to see if we could use their trailer. They hooked up their truck and said it would be easier just to hop in their truck and go get the horses. It sure makes it hard, not having a small trailer, the axle breaking sure was unexpected.

The road to the horses got smaller…

…and smaller…

…and smaller yet! Jason and Tawnee were so glad they had not taken the big stock trailer down the driveway.

When Jason and Tawnee pulled up by their house, the owner said “Take the first right and take a lot of luck with you!” The turn around area was very tight, there was literally only 6 inches on each side of the truck and trailer.

The reason we went was waiting patiently for us. Two very beautiful, well fed and very greatly loved Mustang’s were more than happy to greet us.

The owners tied up their horses and said “Goodbye” to them. It was really hard watching them say goodbye to their baby’s, they have had them for a long time. This economy is so hard in so many ways.

Rosey loaded up first. She is a Mustang in her teens. She seems very sweet and loving. They told us they would let the grandkids ride around on her. The other horse, Spirit, loaded up as well once Rosey (seen below) was in the trailer. Spirit has a sore foot so we will be evaluating it to see what can be done for him.

Then it was back to Home at Last.

Spirit came out first, he sure is sore. We are really hoping that he just has a foot abscess and that everything will be ok in the end.

Once both the horses were loaded into the big trailer, Jason and Tawnee hit the road and headed back to the rescue.

When they got back to the rescue, Tawnee’s first words were “Oh no!” The canopy over the swing was just, simply, gone. It was there when they had left, but it was gone when they got back!

It made its way about 100′ up the hill. Apparently it got extremely windy this afternoon. This canopy has amazed us on how well it has done during windy conditions. Guess today was its day to go. It did a good job protecting from the summer heat, don’t worry, if you are planning on visiting the rescue next summer, we’ll have it (or another one) up to provide shade.

Rosey took her first look out the door at the rescue.

She is a really beautiful girl. We decided to let them stay the night in the round pen as it would be the softest place for Spirit.

Next it was Spirits turn to unload.

Spirit’s hooves are also long, so we are hoping a good trim and time to let the abscess heal is all the doctor will recommend.

We would like to thank you for your generous support of the general operating funds that allow us to help horses lik
e Rosey and Spirit. Without your continued support, we would have had to tell them “No, sorry, we don’t have the funds to bring them in.” Your donation makes a difference in hundreds of horses lives every years, lives just like Rosey and Spirit. Thank you in a special way to Carla G., Jean S., Gail G., Kathy M., Sigrid V., Jen S., Sue K., and someone donated while the blog was being written: Caroline R. donated $100 for the gelding program, which is doubled to $200 with the matching grant! Now the gelding program is at $890. Thank you all so much!

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