Thank you all for your donations, the gelding program is currently at $1,060. We now have funds to geld right about 8 stallions. 8 out of the goal of 40. You all are starting to make a significant dent in the goal, thank you again!

Despite the cold, biting wind, faithful Linda was out working with the horses, passing out treats and making sure each and every horse feels loved. Here she is with Travis. Travis finally got his pre-adoption exam scheduled for Monday, so hopefully he will be going home soon.

With the cold, windy weather, it made the young horses feel frisky and full of life. Ronan and Mo enjoyed visiting each other over the panels, but they were also riling each other up.

Then Ronan would take off running as fast as he could, thankful to be a horse and feeling the wind in his mane. He is so lucky to be alive, he was born in Canada as a PMU baby, then he made his way to us and is looking for a forever home.

Jason visited the horses in Gridley this afternoon. They are all doing fine and are happy and healthy. Today Sadey and Tilly came back to the rescue so they can find their forever home. Tilly was contentedly munching hay when Jason pulled up.

The little youngsters out there sure are fun and full of life. Ethan just couldn’t get close enough to say “Hi!” He sure is adorable.

Ethan, Emily and Emma love spending time together. They all look so similar it is really hard to tell them apart. Once they come back to the rescue, and we get to know them on a more personal level, it should become easier.

Jason got back right about dark time. With the sun setting earlier and earlier, there never seems to be enough daylight to get everything done before night falls.

It is so wonderful to have the rehab of Tilly over. She is fat and sassy and ready for a new home.

Tilly and Sadie settled in quickly and seemed to remember that they have been here before. If you would like to read their rescue story, click here and scroll down until you see the Sheriff cars.

Many of you may have remembered when we talked about a TV special about the Mustangs. Today Tawnee found it online and says that everyone should see it. It interviews Madeline Pickens and Wayne Pacelle along with some wonderful investigative reporting. It is the best show that we have ever seen about the Mustang roundups. It is highly recommended that you take the time to watch it. Click here or click the picture below. Once you have opened their page, on the left corner you will see where it says “Video Gallery.” There are different segments, click on each one to play it. There are also little numbers above the segments, in all there are 6 segments and some web extras. Don’t waste your time on Segment 2, it is pretty much a condensed version of segment 1, go from 1 to 3.

We would like to thank all of our donors, but in a special way thank you Pam S for your extremely generous donation today! Peggy L., Susan W. Jackie W., Gayle O., all donated today to help the rescued horses and to the gelding program. Thank you each and every one so much.

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