As all of you know, Jason and Tawnee went to the Humane Society of the United States workshop for Disaster Animal Response Training (DART) followed by an Adoption Options workshop hosted by Petfinder. Jason and Tawnee are excited about their new knowledge, and one of the ways they are implementing some new ideas is an updated volunteer program. Tawnee worked hard on the volunteer page today and it is up and going. You can visit it by clicking here. We have a volunteer hotline number you can call so we can add you to the database. Read the Volunteer Opportunities web page to find out how. There are many ways to help, read on…

One of the new programs Jason and Tawnee are excited about is the Equine Transporting volunteers. We welcome people to sign up from all over the country to be volunteers. When Jason and Tawnee were in Nebraska, trailers were hard to come by, it would have been wonderful to have some people available. HSUS did a good job of pulling trailers together, but a list of people ready and willing would have made the process a lot easier. We know that a large number of you reading this are horse people, and most of you have trucks and trailers. Don’t let this opportunity pass, you need to be in our database!

Another volunteer program is grant writing. Grants are really a key aspect of nonprofit funding, but as of yet we have not even began to fully tap this area of funding. If you have experience in researching and writing grants, we need you! Call the hotline today.

Special events, such as the skating party we had earlier this year, are a lot of fun and can bring some much needed donations to the rescue. From time to time we host special events and your help would be greatly appreciated. From setting up tables, to helping kids enjoy the day, there is usually something for everyone. This is a great way for those that want to help raise funds for NorCal, as volunteers are not allowed to accept cash donations without a NER staff member present, to help.

The Emergency Animal Rescuing volunteer program is for those that are serious about getting their hands dirty during times of crisis. We are hoping to get a large team of local volunteers who are dedicated to getting the education and experience necessary to make an effective team that can operate during times of disaster.

At the rescue we have volunteer opportunities available too. Especially if you are part of a group such as 4H, FFA, Boyscouts, etc, that would like to come out from time to time, we could use your help.

As you can tell, it’s been a day at the computer. We now have our other fundraisers for November up and going. Our goal this month for the auction rescue is to save about 5 or so horses with a goal of $1,000. Thanks to Pam S., we already have $250 in this fund!

Since Nov of 2008 we have offered monthly free euthanasia clinics for 15 horses. This month, we have changed the free clinic to 7 horses for owners who simply cannot afford to have their beloved pet euthanized, with a total fund of $850, and then unlimited horses with a low cost charge of $150 to give them the last gift of love. Pam S. also donated $250 towards this month’s euthanasia clinic, making the remainder only $625. Our generous partner Sambla — on the web at https://www.sambla.fi/ — has offered to match donations for the euthanasia fund until the end of the calendar year. We thank them for their generous support over the past three years — in the past year alone, Sambla has donated over 5,000 euros (approx. $5,600 USD) in our events and fundraisers. If you believe that we should continue to make the free euthanasia clinic available to 15 horses a month, and are willing to donate towards that goal, please let us know!

The low cost gelding program received some more donations today. Thank you all so much, it’s been amazing watching the thermometer go up! It is now at $1,520, it just keeps climbing thanks to you.


Many thanks to anonymous, Lari K., Jennifer H., and Nancy B. for their generous donations today! We really appreciate it, and we know the horses do too. Thanks for reading through the blog, we know it wasn’t very exciting, but it was definitely one of those “I didn’t start a horse rescue to get stuck behind a desk” days.


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