The gelding program is currently at $1,560, and today is the official kickoff of the gelding program. There is still $700 available in the matching grant fund. Please help us wrap up this fundraiser, click here. Certificates will now begin to be issued, we are really hoping that the funds will be there to cover the certificates. Thanks again for all of your support.

It was a very beautiful morning at the rescue. The horses were all enjoying their breakfast. It’s just amazing how good Sadie is looking these days! She looks like a completely different horse.

The little shade maker that was over the swing was checked out to see if it was fixable. Unfortunately, it’s not, so it was dissembled and scrapped today. We will really miss it.

It was such a beautiful day, not to cold, not to hot, it was decided it might be the last bath day of the year. Tracy really enjoyed her bath, she just soaked up all the love and attention.

Soon she was sparkling clean…

…and ready for her dirt bath. We just knew she would enjoy a nice roll, and we would much prefer clean sand rather than dirt that would be turned into mud on her.

She rolled and rolled.

And soon Tracy was once again a dirty looking horse. The sand will fall out and she’ll look great again.

Larry, Jason and Abdul were at Home Depot getting some more building material.

Abdul was a great help loading the trailer.

Soon the trailer was loaded and ready to head back to the rescue.

Back at the rescue, horses were still enjoying a good roll in the sand after their bath.

You’ve got to notice this horse, this horse is pretty dirty looking, but see his pristine tail. It looks so much better than the rest of him.

One of the things Tawnee had to try today was something she learned at the DART training. One of the scenarios was “There are 30 white horses at the shelter, describe your horse.” One of the best ways is to use hair dye to dye some letters, perhaps your name or phone number, in your horse for identification during an evacuation. Tawnee just had to give it a try today with some normal human hair dye, and it worked great. If there’s ever a disaster, dye seems to work great for temporary identification!

It was a fun day at the rescue, it was like a horse spa. So many times, Tawnee gets stuck behind a desk or the phone and thinks “I didn’t start a horse rescue to get stuck on a computer” but today was a day where she got to spend almost all day just messing with the horses.

Today was extremely slow as far as visitors went. Tawnee and April decided everyone must be home sick because of eating too much candy. We did have 1 visitor, she brought a horse into the rescue.

This beautiful guy was imported from Mexico and was trained to ride very well. Two years ago he was attacked by another horse and received a shoulder injury. He was sold to a lady who rehabbed him but never rode him. Now she was no longer able to keep him. He was a good boy and got right out of the trailer.

We put him in the round pen, and sure enough he rolled and rolled. The round pen probably got the most rolls it has ever gotten in one day today.
He is definitely a beautiful boy. We are hoping he can find his forever home soon.

The lady also donated a bag of grain, thank you so much! We always use a lot of grain, and it’s so nice when visitors bring a bag of grain, feed or some cookies when they come to the rescue.

The guys got back from Home Depot and started working on the shelter.

Soon the roof was up and the bracing was being nailed on.

Within a short time, the shelter is all ready for this winter.
The truck was being turned around to get ready for tomorrows plans when, once again, the back window got broken. Oops. It should make tomorrows day a little more interesting.

Many thanks to Laura D., Cindy M., Donna A., Clifford S., Sophia T. as a Christmas present for Sasha C., Danni M., for their generous financial support over the weekend. We couldn’t do it without your continued support, thank you so much!

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