Thanks to your generosity, the gelding program is now at $1808. Thank you for your continued support of this needed program.

This morning Kramer’s adoptive family came out to add another family member. They originally planned to adopt Shasta. Tawnee showed them the other horses that she believed would be a good match, and then saddled up Shasta for them to try out.

They really liked Shasta and were almost convinced to take her home, but they wanted to see one other horse, the horse that came in yesterday.

Ramito had won their hearts when Tawnee was showing them the horses, and they just had to spend some one on one time with him. First they put him in the round pen. When he saw the saddle and bridle, he got a frisky look in his eye and started running around the round pen. It’s been a long time since he has had a saddle on his back, and it was so exciting for him.

Soon the saddle was on him. He did great and was a perfect gentleman.

They were certainly the perfect match. Kramer has gone through the training to be a police horse and with Ramito’s manners and disposition he just might be joining the force too. His main goal is to be a wonderful member of the family and go on occasional trail rides.

Before adoption papers were signed, they wanted to visit Phoenix. They’d been reading about him for months now, and they were so excited to see him in person. He has come so far, it’s hard to believe he has really made it.

Adoption papers were signed, and Ramito is now part of his new family.

He was a good boy and hopped right in for his trip home. This trailer is going to be used in the mounted police force, and they asked our permission to put NorCal Equine Rescue on the trailer along with the other sponsors. Of course we said “Yes!”

Where the window used to be on the truck, it was taped out and ready to head out.

Today was going to be a day at the vet. Tawnee loaded up the horses that had appointments and soon they were off.

At the vet, Tawnee unloaded the horses. Every horse had made it there safely. Tawnee describes listening to the gooseneck trailer hitch twisting back and forth as fingernails on chalkboard. She wants a back window put back in already!

Once all the horses were unloaded, Wal-Mart had called and said they had some feed for the rescue, so Tawnee went back into town to get the feed. We can’t thank Wal-Mart enough for their kind donations!

Driving back to the vet, the plastic over the window decided to break loose and started making more racket to add to the all the noise. It’s a wonder Tawnee is still sane.

Back at the rescue, a group of volunteers put up another shelter. Some folks have wondered about the shelters integrity, don’t worry, we’re not done with them yet.

At the vet, Spirit was waiting to be looked at. He came to us lame a few days ago. We thought it was a foot abscess, and sure enough, it is. It is almost healed and he should be pain free in no time at all.

Then, it was Travis’ turn for his pre-adoption exam. We met up with his adopter, who wanted to be there for his exam. He is such a beautiful boy.

He passed the health exam, but did have slight lameness.

X-rays were taken to determine the cause of his lameness. It was found that he has some slight ringbone, but his potential adopter didn’t mind that he would need medication before rides. She loves him no matter what and said she would give him his forever home.

She signed the adoption papers and now Travis is finally going to be heading home. He is staying at the vet until transportation arrangements can be made. His adopter’s daughter was disappointed that she could not be there today when her horse was adopted. In no time at all Travis will be home and she can play with him all day long!

Many thanks to Trudi V., Susan L., Pamela N., Heather R., Cindy R., for their generous donations today! We received Trudi’s donation in the mail today with a note that said “Please use this small donation as you see fit.” We added it to the gelding program and just like that, it turned into $20. No donation is too small! Every dollar helps.

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