Today we received an amazing donation that will hopefully enable us to purchase another 4 horse trailer. As many of you probably remember, a few weeks ago the axle broke on the other trailer and it is now unusable. The donations isn’t quite enough for the full amount for the trailer, but we have some funds set aside and we are hoping it will be enough to buy a Featherlite 16′ trailer such as this one. We are extremely excited, a big thank you to Rosie’s Remedies for their continued support.

Tawnee headed out to the vet early this morning once again. She left the horses at the vet since there was so much donated feed in the trailer from WalMart, and she had to be at the vet again today anyway. Thankfully Jason read the blog, put some grease on the hitch, and this time it was nice and quiet compared to yesterday. Still a little windy inside though. Yes, it’s getting fixed very soon!

Travis’ new family came to pick him up and take him home today from the vet office. We are all so excited to see him get such a wonderful home.

Captain had his appointment to get his teethe done today. He’s already been adopted, his adopter wanted to get his teethe done before he heads home.

Soon he was in sedated la-la land and his dental work started.

Soon the whole process was over and now he can chew as good as a yearling.

Then, it was time to load up all the horses into the trailer for the trip back to the rescue.

Today was Prince’s day to come back to the rescue. He is quite a big boy now, he is a gelding and he is officially weaned. While at the vet, he learned how to lead very well. We’ve always heard people say about our vet “We take our baby’s there and they come back leading.” Sure enough!

He was a good boy and loaded into the trailer much easier than last time he loaded up. The last time he would just lay down and wait for you to pick him up. He thinks he still weighs 30 lbs and people can pick him up and carry him wherever he need to go. He’s just too big now though.

Back at the rescue, he was excited to get out of the trailer and see his surroundings and meet some new friends.

He was put in his own special stall for the night so he will be safe and cozy.

Spirit and Rosey were glad to see each other again. Spirit was quite a happy boy when he came out of the trailer, so full of life and and had a nice spring in his step as he walked along pain free.

Many thanks to Rosie’s Remedies and Gail G. for their generous support today! Thank you so very much.

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