The auction fundraiser is off and rolling with $375 towards this months goal of $1,000. With your help, we will save lives at the auction this month.

Kramer and Ramito are doing great in their new home. Kramer seems to just love his new buddy. We didn’t have Ramito long, just a few hours, but he could not have gotten a better home.

We received a wonderful update about PDQ, a Clint Ritchie horse that was adopted. Her adopter says: “PDQ made it here just fine. It took a while but she is here! Gypsy, my 2yr old loves her…. We took our first walk down the street past some of our spooky trail obstacles (Cement Mixers, Zebras etc) She was awesome!”

The truck was taken to the shop to get the window done. The actual repair process was done quickly, but then it had to sit for a few hours for the glue to dry, so the truck was left at the shop for most of the day. The back window is in now and it’s as good as new.

Linda came out today to spend time with the horses. Tehya did good being ridden and she is available for adoption! She has the distinction of being the first horse that has received a sponsorship through her Petfinder page. If you didn’t know, each of the horses has a “Sponsor Me” button on their description page.

Another load of hay was brought out today. It’s always nice when the big truck comes with the wonderful hay.

In no time at all they had the truck unloaded and the hay neatly stacked.

Little Richard had a nice bath today. He is gaining weight. He has to wear his cribbing collar all of the time, or else he spends the day sucking on panels instead of eating. Prior to getting his cribbing collar, he literally ruined two panels by cribbing on them so hard. He is doing better with his collar on.

Tawnee designed and printed out some low-cost gelding certificates today. They should be in the mail soon!

We would like to warmly thank Judy H. and Sarah H. for their generous donations today. Thank you so very much!

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