Some folks came out to spend time with the horses today. This little girl really enjoyed riding Alex in the round pen!

After his ride, Alex enjoyed a nice roll in the warm soft sand.

As some clouds rolled in, Jason took some time planting a nice tree that should grow up to provide a lot of great shade to the waiting area by the round pen. It looks dead now, but, it’s wintertime and it is just dormant.

After the morning chores, and hours of computer work was done, Jason and Tawnee headed off to pick up a horse.

But wait, why wasn’t there a trailer behind the truck? They had one stop before they picked up the horse.

Soon they were pulling into Featherlite of Grass Valley. We had a lot of phone conversations with dealers across northern Ca, and we got the price down as low as we could at this dealer. They told us the trailer would be ready at 3:30-4:00.

When the paperwork was done, Jason and Tawnee headed out to see what the progress was on the finishing touches of the trailer.

Then they waited… and waited… and waited some more. The lady who was waiting for us to pick up her horse called when it got dark wondering what was happening. There was little that could be done to speed up the process unfortunately.

Finally about 6:00 the trailer was done and they were ready to hit the road. This is a very wonderful trailer, it has a 7′ ceiling for those tall Thoroughbreds and draft horses, the warranty will not expire until 2017, and overall it just seems to be a very wonderful asset.

Finally, long after dark, 2.5 hours late, Jason and Tawnee were pulling out of the dealership.

One of our previous adopters was no longer able to care for her beloved adopted horse. She loved Cindy greatly, but there was just no way she would be able to keep her. She called us about 6 weeks ago to make arrangements for Cindy to come back to the rescue. Then, the old trailer axle broke, and we were not able to make it up since her driveway was too small for the big trailer to make it. Now, with the new small trailer, Cindy was able to come back!
The paperwork had to be signed by lantern light.

She was also generously donating a Craftsman riding lawnmower / garden tractor in hopes that we will be able to use it around the rescue. It needs a touch of repair work, but she is sure Jason and Larry will be able to fix it.

With a heave it was in the trailer. It was safely locked behind the divider to keep Cindy safe.

Then it was time to load Cindy. Cindy is a really sweet girl that just loves people.

She hopped right into the trailer when Tawnee asked her too.

Back at the rescue, the light inside the trailer was put to good use illuminating everything for the picture and to make it easier to unload. We are so grateful for the generosity of Janet L who made this trailer, in addition to Rosie’s Remedies, possible. This trailer will be used to transport thousands of rescued horses tens of thousands of miles for many years to come.

Cindy was put in her own special pen for the night and settled in without a hitch.

Tawnee spent most of her day before heading out getting the horses updated and on the website. Now all of the available horses are officially on the website! Every one of them really needs a home, maybe yours? Please click here if you are looking for a horse. We currently have 43 available equines.

We would like to thank the following donors for their generosity today: Victoria C. – Norma C. – Teresa L. – Pamela M. – Donna A. Thank you so very much!

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