This morning at 4:30 am all the trailers were hooked up and ready to go. Panels were loaded in one trailer and the other trailer was ready for horses.

A large stack of papers, both in English and Spanish, were ready to be handed out.

Jason, Tawnee and a volunteer were off before 5:30 am!

Many miles down the road the first glimmers of sunlight began to filter through the broken clouds.

The sun peeking up over the Sierra mountains made a beautiful sunrise.

They were all headed to Roseville Livestock auction.

The auction yard is permanently closed, but we knew that horses would need help there today. The gate was locked, they had no signs posted that they had closed, but all the Roseville Livestock Auction signs had been taken down. We found out that the auction was closing about a week ago when a local killer buyer was telling us his woes.

The auction unexpectedly closed, and we anticipated that there were going to be horse owners in a desperate situation that were unable to keep their horse bringing horses to the sale today. Since 1949 the auction has been holding sales, and it was closed without a warning or notice of any kind.

Tawnee posted the bilingual signs on the gate, explaining that NorCal Equine Rescue was operating a temporary shelter in Loomis where horses could be surrendered into the rescue if their owners were no longer able to keep them.

Horses began arriving at the locked gate. The people were all bewildered and confused as to why the auction was closed. They were grateful that we were there to answer at least some of their questions. It was all second hand information the killer buyer had given us, we hoped it would help ease their confusion.

Tawnee left Jason and the volunteer at the auction gate and headed to the temporary shelter location to get it ready for horses.

Soon the welcoming sign was hung along the road.

The temporary shelter was at the property where the mayor of Loomis would like to see a horse rescue / sanctuary set up. It is currently leased by a wonderful person named John, and he graciously allowed us to use the property as a shelter today.

Tawnee began setting up the booth and table.

Back at the rescue, things were going normal for a Sunday. It was a great group of staff and volunteers at the rescue today that kept everything running smoothly, other than the phone was having issues today, we apologize for any inconvenience.

April helped clean the stalls and then spread the wonderful shavings. Notice the color of the shavings.

Thanks to the donation of all the shavings, we have fancy green bedding in the stalls.

Larry did a picturesque job of harrowing the round pen.

At the temporary shelter, the panels were being unloaded from the trailer for temporary holding pens.

Soon they were set up and waiting for horses to come. We had no idea how many horses, if any, would need our help today. We wanted to be ready for the worse case scenario of 30 horses showing up needing help.

At the closed auction, Jason was still busy explaining to people about the auction being closed and what options we were able to provide for horse owners in tough times.

These folks chose to come to the temporary shelter and surrender their horses. They had no other options and were extremely grateful that an option was available to them.

The two mares were unloaded safely.

They were led to a holding pen…

…and soon goodbyes were being said. While the paperwork was being done, the lady’s husband was talking to one of the volunteers about how glad he was that we were there. They tried to give their horses away, but had no luck, they called the auction two weeks ago and the auction said to bring their horses today. When they arrived, everything was locked up tight. They said they were very concerned about who would get their horses and if they would be starved or not had they gone through the auction. They just had no other option within their means.

At the temporary shelter, volunteers discussed pressing issues and enjoyed relaxing for the most part, waiting for the flood of horses that could come driving in any minute.

Finally, it was closing time at the temporary shelter, and the two mares were the only horses that came thankfully. The canopy was being broken down and things were being cleaned up.

Jason and a volunteer loaded the panels into the trailer.

We would really like to thank Deanna from A Chance for Bliss for coming to help today at the temporary shelter. We apologize to her for getting her website wrong on Friday’s blog, her correct website is: http://www.achanceforbliss.com/. They are the kind people that adopted Spike on this weekends rescue story.
After everything was packed up, Tawnee and Deanne got the horses out of the holding pen and got ready to load up. They posed for a quick snapshot.

One of them is lame and we will have our vet evaluate her. The girls names are Abby and Rosie.

They both loaded without a fuss and were soon ready to go.

A quick u-turn in the field…

…and they were on the road. Once again we would like to thank John and his wife for providing the land and facilities for the temporary shelter.

At the rescue, Linda was evaluating horses. It was Sadie’s turn to be evaluated. She is so beautiful!

Through her rehab we have not evaluated her riding abilities, but today was the day now that she is fat and happy.

She did great! She is trained to ride and is looking for a wonderful home, maybe yours? She is definitly very striking looking with her buckskin color, big blaze and four socks.

Along with a lot of other horse, Linda also evaluated Cindy, who came back to us on Thursday. She did good as well, but she definitly needs her tail washed.

Larry and April showed horses to potential adopters.

Jason and Tawnee continued driving the long road back to the rescue. They were glad that the trailers were not filled up with horses and that not very many people brought horses to the closed auction. Most of those that did took their horses back home. They were also glad they only got 1 flat tire today.

Finally the 16 hour day was almost over and the horses were being unloaded at the rescue.

April and Larry had come back to the rescue to be there when Jason and Tawnee got back. Thanks guys, we really appreciate it!

You all know that we rescued a lot of horses from Roseville Livestock Auction since 2005 when we first started attending. If you’re wondering what the grand total is since we started rescuing from Roseville in 2005: 322! That is a lot of lives saved from an unknown fate, where many known killer buyers attended each and every month. Please consider making a donation in honor of the 322 horses that were saved from Rosville Livestock Auction, click here.
Many thanks to Yvonne P. and Patricia F. for their donations over the weekend. Every dollar really helps!

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