Just in case you are wondering, yes we will continue rescuing horses at various livestock auctions. There are several other large auctions with horse sales in northern California that we will be attending as space and funds permit. We will continue to keep it a monthly program, this month the goal is $1,000 for the rescue and care of auction horses. The funds for this month are currently at $555, we are over halfway to our goal!

Today was a very quiet day at the rescue. Many ‘behind the scenes’ things were done. Jason and Tawnee met with a board member to discuss various pressing issues. A couple volunteer positions were filled for some programs starting up in 2010 today as well. One is for a sponsorship/donation leader and another to write thank-you cards. After that was accomplished, Jason and Tawnee went to another meeting that was scheduled about a particular piece of property that may be an excellent permanent location for an adoption center / horse shelter facility.

But, since no pictures were taken today, we are bringing you Friday’s events to catch you up on what happened on Friday.

Friday morning found Tawnee driving through the pouring rain to transport a horse to the vet for one of our previous adopters.

When Tawnee arrived she saw Gage and Daisy standing there, all fat and sassy. Daisy was having some skin irritation problems and needed to go to the vet. Tawnee just had to try out the new horse trailer so off she went. Daisy had been fostered until her court case was settled. Recently we were given the “Ok” to adopt her out, so Daisy was officially adopted on Friday.

Daisy was rescued in April of this year severely emaciated and at the point of death.

It was hard seeing this poor horse so thin, but it was easy to tell she was full of life. It is so wonderful to see her recovered and doing so very well!

Tawnee stopped at the Post Office and took a picture of the truck and trailer all hooked up in the daylight. All nice and clean from driving through the rain too!

Tawnee ran into the Post Office to find a package from Pamela M. It was full of lovely tack and a very cute picture of her two adorable horses: Pete and Bear. They are definitely adorable, thanks for sharing the picture and donating the tack Pamela, we really appreciate it!

Daisy arrived at the vet safe and sound. She waited patiently to be seen by the doctor.

She was examined and it was determined that she will be just fine. She was given some medication to help with her skin condition.

Many thanks to Pam R. – Jeanette C. – Odette P. – Suzanne M. – Sara H. – Lee E. for their extremely generous donations. We really appreciate your support, and the rescued horses do too!

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