Today at the rescue was a farrier day. The farrier was scheduled to come first thing this morning as we have him on a monthly schedule. First up was Phoenix. As usual, he was a perfect gentleman.

While Honey was getting her feet trimmed, Brighty just couldn’t wait for her turn. She was so curious and inquisitive. She wasn’t due for a trim, but we wanted to have her shoes pulled so she got a good trim too.

Sadie and Tilly were good girls for their trims as well. We sure are glad they are looking so good these days. When we first rescued them, they were really emaciated and it’s often hard to know if a horse will make it or not, but they pulled through like the champs they are.

Spirit wasn’t very keen about getting his feet trimmed. His old owners told us they had his feet trimmed last year when they evacuated from the fire. Apparently they hadn’t been trimmed in about a year, so no wonder he was a little nervous about the situation. His hoof abscess is gone and he is feeling good on his feet. We’ll be evaluating his riding ability soon. We were told he is trained to ride, but we believe he is most likely pretty green.

Ronan wanted his feet trimmed today too. He wasn’t scheduled today, his feet are still in fine shape, next month is his turn. Hopefully, he will be in his new home by then. All in all, 9 horses were trimmed today. Ronan was disappointed he was not one of them.

After the farrier left, Placer County Animal Control came to the rescue with 3 horses so we can hopefully find them homes. We love Placer County Animal Control! Everytime they bring us a horse, it is up to date on its shots, wormings, feet, teeth, etc and they always bring bags of feed to donate. Like we said, we love Placer County!

The first horse to get out of the trailer was a beautiful dark bay registered Morgan gelding.

Next was a young grey Arabian gelding. He was a little nervous when it came time to get out of the trailer, but he was a good boy and thought about it logically before walking out.

Last of all, a beautiful older Palamino gelding gracefully stepped out. It was easy to tell he has stepped out of trailers hundreds of times.

Then of course, the piles of donated feed bags started coming out. We always love it when the dog kennels are filled up with horse feed. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness. Tawnee had spoken with them earlier in regards to Roseville Livestock Auction closing. At the time, they were shocked that it had closed, but today they had the official word on why it had closed. The fire department red tagged the entire complex due to fire danger, and it must be brought up to code before public can be allowed back onto the premises. They chose to close rather than spend the money to repair their facilities. Once again, thank you for the feed!
We are excited to announce that we will be having another open surrender day at the Loomis facility next month on the 13th. We will be taking in any horse with a $150 surrender fee. We are making a great option for horse owners who have no other option. We wish the surrender fee could be waived, unfortunately at this time it is not within our financial resources. Horse owners should be able to afford $150, it is only 1 month worth of care for their horse.

All three horses were put into the round pen to stretch their legs. They all enjoyed running, bucking and having a jolly time. We would like to thank the folks who donated for the care of these horses in advance prior to them coming to the rescue. Your donations and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated, we cannot thank you enough for your support!

Dakota is a 3 year old Arab gelding. He is a very gorgeous boy, and he knows it. He is halter trained, we are looking for a home that has the knowledge to train him, or the resources to have him trained, when it is his time to be trained under saddle.

This is Jesse, he is a very sweet boy who is young at heart at 27 years old. They told us he is an easy keeper and was used for lessons. They hadn’t seen any lameness. He would be the perfect companion for your horse or for light riding.

This is Intrepid Monarch. He is a 16 year old registered Morgan gelding. He was surrendered to Animal Control, his owner was no longer able to keep him. His owner originally paid $5,000 for him. He is great on the trail, and he has been packed. He is kind of a been there, done that horse. He is supposed to be very well trained to ride.

Larry, April and Tawnee hit the office to file away all the paperwork. It took quite some time, as paperwork always does.

Finally, the last pages were being filed away. A new filing system has been arranged to help keep up on the paperwork. Thanks so much April and Larry for stepping in and helping out today.

As you all know, Equine Destiny is what we believe is going to be an amazing documentary. Today they released their official trailer. The horse in this screenshot is Phoenix, the horse seen at the very beginning of the blog today. Watching this documentary makes us hardly be able to wait to watch the whole video. Click here or click the picture below to watch the trailer.

Many thank to Carolyn H., Anonymous, William E., and Gail G. for their very generous donations today. We cannot possibly thank you enough!

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