We are very excited to announce that we have been awarded a large monthly grant specifically for spreading the word about NorCal Equine Rescue! This is not a fund that can be used for any other reason other than to spread awareness about our organization. We are all very excited about this opportunity!

Today Linda came out to work with and evaluate the horses. First she worked with Abby, who came to us on Sunday.

Abby was a good girl and is trained to ride. She is waiting patiently for her forever home, maybe yours? She is about 14 years old.

Then it was Dakota’s turn to be messed with. He is very adorable, and we are please to announce that he was placed in adoption pending today! Once the adoption application is processed, he will hopefully be going to his new home.

Intrepid Monarch was next in line for being ridden. First of all, he enjoyed showing off in the round pen.

He is a very elegant looking boy and is very well trained to ride. He was also placed in adoption pending today!

Monarch had one huge problem: his mane and tail was a tangled mess. Linda took scissors to his mane and soon the tangles were gone. When it got time to do his tail, Tawnee raised her eyebrows and said “It looks like he needs a haircut…”

Linda and April were determined that a haircut was not what he needed for his tail.

They spent a long time on his tail, and soon the ground was covered with dead hair that had been matted up in his tail.

Finally the big job was over. Thanks to Linda and April, his tail looks very beautiful now! We are sure that his adopter will be thankful that his tail hair was not just cut off.

Jesse was also evaluated today. He is a big giant horse that is such a loving guy. He is very well trained to ride. He is looking for a light / walking riding home. He will move off your legs and is a been there, done that kind of horse. He has a lot of knowledge after 27 years of life.

Our little mini trio is doing great. We are still working on transportation arrangements to get Petie to her forever home. It looks like it will come together within a few weeks!

Today was a good adoption pending day. Linda would be evaluating a horse, when Tawnee would walk down and say “Yay, that horse has an adoption hold on it!” In all 3 horses were put in adoption pending today: Indie, Intrepid Monarch and Dakota were all put into adoption pending to 3 different homes. Let’s all hope they go home soon!
Many thanks to Erin A., Robi H., Gail G,. and Gloria C., for their generous support today.

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