We would like to take a minute to talk about the auction rescue fund for this month. As you know, Roseville Livestock Auction closed and no more horses will be facing an unknown future at this place. Anyone that has been there knows it is not a surprise that it was closed down, the conditions for humans and animals was certainly not good. There are, however, still livestock auctions near enough for us to easily attend. We will have to drive longer distances, but the KB’s will too.

When we first started rescuing from auctions in 2003, we were going to Shasta Livestock Auction. They quit selling horses. Then we began attending Orland. They quit selling horses. We then rescued primarily from Roseville. They have closed their doors. All in the matter of 6 years. The economy hurts everybody.

We have only $570 towards this months goal of $1,000 for the rescue and care of horses at livestock auction. Our goal is to attend an auction next week, and that leaves until Sunday to raise the remainder of $430. Please help us if you can! Click here. If you wish to be anonymous, please let us know.

This morning was a funny morning. First off, everything was bright and beautiful. The chores were done and then the fog rolled in. Jason had to head out on a long rescue trip, he was absolutely dreading driving in the fog.

A quick turn around and he was off. The good news is, the fog didn’t even last out the driveway, it left quickly and big fluffy clouds were floating by instead.

Today a tour was schedule to a small group of students. This is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to get out and get some hands on time with horses. Education is extremely important, and if we all put an effort into educating the young, the world will be a better place in the next generation.

Macho Man was in his element, he loves having kids all around! The kids loved playing with him too.

After the little people helped clean Dottie and Macho Man’s pen, and get acquainted with them, their next assignment was to help put shavings in the stalls. We saved this morning chore for them, we knew they would love it. Soon they were running back and forth from the bedding pile to the stalls with such glee and excitement.

The bags were opened and they really enjoyed spreading them all around.

They did such a perfect job on spreading the shavings out and making the stalls look great. We really appreciate their help!

Next they all enjoyed hauling the feed buckets around and graining the horses. They were so cute helping out! We didn’t quite have enough buckets so everyone could have two, but they were willing helpers and got the job done.

After they were done feeding the horses with April, Tawnee showed them a picture of Phoenix and told them his amazing story of recovery. They were all very sad to see his before picture of when he was rescued. Then Tawnee told them to look closely at the picture and go find Phoenix. It was like a treasure hunt for them!

Sure enough, they found him, pretty quickly in fact. April gave them some hints during feeding so it wasn’t too hard for them. They are very happy to see he is doing so well, and are amazed at his difference. We are still amazed ourselves that Phoenix survived his terrible ordeal.

Around this time, a potential adopter came out to see Sadie. When he called yesterday to see if we would be available, we warned him that a group of school kids were coming out and that we wouldn’t have a lot of time to spend with them. He seemed to enjoy his visit but said he would come back later when we weren’t so busy.

We are excited that Jesse had come to us because he is the perfect horse to teach the kids about horse care today.

Being a former lesson horse, he stood there like a pro soaking up all the attention.

He just loves being brushed and groomed. Each of the kids had a chance to clean his hooves.

The best was saved for last: a real ride on a great big horse! They were all so excited! For many of them, it was the first time they had been on a horse. Their squeals and shivers of excitement, along with their huge smiles, were so rewarding.

Jesse was the perfect gentleman, we would love to find him a home in a therapy type situation. He really does very well with all the action and the sidewalkers.

After some of the students had l
eft, a few got one last picture with Jesse. He’s pasted the perfect picture of a big strong beautiful horse in many little kids minds today. We heard multiple times that this was the best field trip they have ever done, and they hope next year they can come do it again. Of course we said they are welcome back!

Meanwhile, Jason was working with a cow. What? It was not the intended rescue of the day, but it sure wanted to get in the trailer. John got all the way in, and the dialog between the cow and his owner went something like this: “John, get out of the trailer, get out of the trailer. GET OUT OF THE TRAILER NOW!” John turned and said: “nnoooOOOOOO” It was definitely a little different than the normal day…

Jason was not there for cows, he was at a horse rescue that had ran out of money and is closing. This is the second rescue this year we have had to help. They had placed all the horses they could, but there were still 6 horses they could not find homes for, so they turned to us for help. We love helping other rescues, but we cannot do it without your help. It is so sad that horse rescues are having to close their doors. During these hard times, there needs to be more horse rescues, more support for the horses, but with the lack of donations, more and more are closing their doors.
The horses loaded into the trailer without any trouble. The ones in the front settled while the ones in the back were being loaded.

Soon all 6 were in the big trailer and ready to head back to the rescue.

On the way Jason fondly remembered Pregnant Mare Rescue, which is right down in the same area but is not the rescue these horses came from. Years ago, Lynn (the founder of Pregnant Mare Rescue) was adopting Rosey, a pregnant mare we had rescued from the Fallon Feedlot. Jason and Tawnee delivered Rosey to Lynn that day, but had a terrible time of it. Lots of flat tires, multiple delays, it was just a rough day. Lynn graciously purchased a motel room for them so they could be rested for their trip back to NorCal Equine Rescue the following day. It was such a thoughtful gesture, and it was greatly appreciated. Sadly, Pregnant Mare Rescue announced they are closing their doors, at least for the winter, and hoping to possibly begin rescuing again in the spring. That makes 3 horse rescues that have stopped rescuing and dispersed their horses this year. It is not a good year for most horse rescues. We are all hoping and praying that Pregnant Mare Rescue will begin rescuing again in the spring.

Jason finally arrived at the rescue long after dark.

The horses were unloaded. They were glad to get out and stretch their legs a little bit before being put in their stalls for the night.

A few of the horses were unsure about getting out of the bright trailer into the dark, but each one finally came out safely.

We want to assure you that NorCal Equine Rescue is in a strong financial position to continue rescuing horses for many many years to come. As we continue to reach out to those that are struggling, and rescuing the great many horses that we do, we will continue to count on you for your support, both emotional and financial. Even the largest of nonprofits are suffering the affects of the recession and NorCal Equine Rescue is not immune. Even $5 helps save lives, thank you in advance for your support!
There is also some great news we would like to share in this blog. A wonderful new rescue is opening its doors to horses in need this year in southern California. Jason and Tawnee have visited their facilities and bring back glowing reports. They have now uploaded their website, you can visit it by clicking here.
We would like to thank Teri C., Anna P., and Faye M. for their generous support. We cannot tell you how much your support is appreciated.

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